Power Steering Pump Suzuki Grant Vitara

jtonkin, Mar 4, 10:00pm
Needing to find a Suzuki Grand Vitara TD94 Power Steering Pump (Part Number is apparently 66908). I've tried all the part worlds, mechanics can't find one either, can anyone recommend where else I can look . sorry new to this motor vehicle part hunting side of life! Only one I can find is from a vehicle that's done 170,000km and that's too worn. can someone point me in a direction as to where else I could look please. because right now I have no directions left lol.

redhead18, Mar 4, 10:12pm
mmkay well if ya haven't tried these fullas. would be my first call okies


franc123, Mar 4, 10:20pm
What year is it and what motor is in it? Posting your chassis number and engine code will help, I may be able to direct you to a supplier.

intrade, Mar 6, 10:13am
i found power steering pump rebuilder i did not post as i dont know if they are reputble. if they are capricorn supplyer they generelly are as complaints will kick them off supply list like the whangarei paint supply place i probably got kicked off capricorn coop.

gobb, Mar 6, 2:30pm
66908 is not a Suzuki P/N. Google Suzuki Grand Vitara TD94 Power Steering Pump.Good hunting.

supernova2, Sep 4, 4:52pm