2015 Holden Colorado - "Service Rear View System"

kingofmowers26, May 19, 9:07am
Hi there, for a few days when I put car into reverse I get a black screen with the message " Service Rear Vision System" - I have cleaned the camera as this has worked in the past but nothing . Is there anything else I can do myself before taking to Holden?

franc123, May 19, 9:12am
No, unless the wiring or plug where it goes up into the tailgate above the towbar is damaged in some way it is probably going to need a new camera. Those cameras are not great, repeated impact on the tailgate from droppng it on the stays doesnt help them either.

intrade, Aug 6, 10:02pm
cleaned the camera as this has worked in the past .
This would have been just coincidental and had unlikely to do with the problem. You would want to see What codes are stored like low voltage open circuit short to ground or a canbus code. But be awear bus systrem codes are if a divise on the same bus shorts out a other part can set a code.
This is a made up example but possible If your rear window wiper water motor has a short it can bring down the network where the camera data travels on the same bus shutting down the camera and the water squirter. And only a code for the camera will be stored= you got to check wiring diagrams to see and test other stuff also" . But meh who is doing that right.
That's how cars end up not fixed for months because they never test stuff correctly.

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