Holden Colorado ran out of diesel

pollypocket1, Jan 18, 9:59pm
Hi are there any diesel mechanics here? 2012 Holden Colorado was very low on diesel. We got the powering down engine light and the truck started powering down, husband coasted over to the side of the road and stopped. He went and got some diesel and put it in and it started after a couple of tries. It is starting but is a bit slow to get going and the check engine light is on. Any ideas?

franc123, Jan 18, 10:04pm
It will almost certainly have logged low fuel rail pressure codes in the engine ECU. It needs to be taken to a Holden agent to be scanned and the fuel system data monitored to ensure everything is to spec and no damage has occurred. Running ANY modern engine out of fuel is a big no no.

pollypocket1, Jan 19, 8:40am
My understanding is that it powered down before running out of fuel though.

trade4us2, Jan 19, 9:02am
I've had a few petrol powered cars run out of petrol with no problems. I'm glad I use petrol!

intrade, Jan 19, 9:10am
petrol fuel-pumps in tank also burn up i replaced a few . each time you run out or low you damage the fuel-pump as it is lubricated and cooled by the fuel it is supposed to be submerged in.
Running a high pressure pump dry that can cause 10,000$ + damage if it starts making metal shavings from no lube. is about the worst thing you can do. run a Modern diesel or gasoline direct injector out of fuel

gph1961, Jan 19, 12:45pm
shoulda got KFC

franc123, Jan 19, 1:29pm
Yep, and? It makes no different to the need to follow the above advice. The only bit you can't predict is the bill for any resultant damage.

richardmayes, Jan 19, 1:37pm
Good grief. and to think that PI Triumphs used to have a bad name because the fuel pumps could occasionally start cavitating on a hot day with a low tank and leave you stranded temporarily.

wind.turbine, Jan 19, 8:04pm
I would much rather run a diesel out than a petrol!
even running a petrol car low will cause damage over a long period of doing that.
once the fuel level gets low the pump is not fully submerged and is not getting cooled properly

tweake, Jan 19, 9:13pm
same issues with diesel, expect its 10k+ repair bill.
diesels use fuel to cool the pump, running them low can cause pump temps to go way up.

the big problem with running out of diesel is that they often air lock. not all, especially older ones, have in tank pumps. you have to disconnect the injector lines to bleed it first.
i had to that once on the side of the road due to a stuck fuel gauge. lucky enough to have the right sized spanner on hand.

3tomany, Jan 19, 9:24pm
Do not drive it until a Holden mechanic has tested it as it sounds like something is wrong with fuel pressure so running it could get very expensive.

franc123, Jan 19, 11:34pm
Not with commonrails, loosening injector lines is extremely dangerous. The only safe, recommended effective and reasonably quick method to bleed them is with a scan tool or else find a means of powering up the in tank pump if you cannot command it on. Some manufacturers supply a squeeze bulb as part of the vehicles tool kit to connect into the low pressure line in order to at least get diesel up to the high pressure pump.

tygertung, Jan 20, 7:45am
I used to run out of petrol all the time when I was about 19 or so as I had no money. Good 'ol carburetted engine, didn't seem to do it any harm.

trade4us2, Sep 22, 2:19pm
My XJ6 had two petrol tanks with non-immersed fuel pumps and a CNG tank as well. Never any problems until I ran out of petrol and CNG at the same time. But just wait for the CNG tank to warm up to room temperature and it will go for another 10km.

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