Seagull motors

smokemachine, Jan 22, 2:46pm
Hi all .
My dad is looking to sell his old Seagull motor and is wondering what he could ask for it .
Had a look here to see if I could see any for sale to get an idea , but the only one there was an old decrepit looking thing only good for parts .
Dads model is a Silver Century 1976 3-4.5hp model that still runs well , cosmetically I'd rate it at 8.5/10 .
Any ideas what it might be worth ?

msigg, Jan 22, 3:19pm
Maybe $300 to a collector for display. Worth very littl.

bwg11, Jan 22, 3:39pm
Yep, collectable only. With fear of creating an on-line argument, I would say no one in their right mind would use one on a regular basis - only possibly as emergency power stashed away in the bilges when you have been becalmed for days. That said, they were wonderfully reliable and are collectable.

bumfacingdown, Jan 22, 4:06pm
You forgot the Seagull racing fraternity

tygertung, Jan 22, 4:12pm
I heard that the pollution is out of control with those things for some reason?

Despite my environmentally conservative tendencies, I can't resist a two stroke though!

dublo, Jan 22, 4:52pm
10:1 petrol:oil ratio, so not exactly environmentally friendly, but simple no-frills design. Wind the rope around the flywheel to start, a gentle pull and it will start and go forever!

stevo2, Jan 22, 5:14pm
Correct. There is a Seagull racing club in NZ. I know they were strong in Waitara. I have also seen them racing at Whangamata
They should be able to help with pricing but more than likely somebody in their club will want to buy it.
Cheers Stevo

gpg58, Jan 22, 7:19pm
Took a couple of try's to sell my century plus model 100, 5 years ago, which i had just tidied up, was the clutch model. A collector eventually bought it for just $150.
10/1 oil ratio is not exactly environmentally friendly. as purchased
Some seem to find ways to get them to go a bit faster than average.

stornello, Jan 22, 8:01pm
We would get the Seagull's in in spring. won't start. The petrol would've evaporated and the carb was full of oil, petrol in the tank wouldn't be much better. They need that much oil because of bronze main bearing bushes.

tygertung, Jan 22, 8:16pm
Some of those old two strokes needs extra oil as otherwise the crankshafts won't seal in the crankcase.

cabrio1, Jan 22, 8:31pm
We live near the finish line for the Waikato race.
My neighbour used to do the race " back in the day"
Has 3 old motors hanging up.
He wasn't competitive, loaded the boat so full of piss it would hardly move.

trogedon, Jan 23, 6:34pm
My dad used a Seagull motor on the back of his yacht for (for in and out of the marina mostly) for many years. Seemed like most Winters he had to rebuild it. I saw a guy with a Seagull outboard T shirt the other day - they must have some cool factor.

rectech, Jan 24, 12:23pm
Our seagull would leave a discernible track of oil slick stretching for miles behind it. sort of a early for of GPS tracking

intrade, Jan 24, 8:31pm
like with anything its only worth something if someone will pay what you dream it is worth. my pome mate seems to think they ere worth more then gold lol

tygertung, Jan 25, 7:47am
Would it be possible to retrofit some proper crank seals so one could use a more sane oil ratio, like 25:1?

intrade, Jan 25, 9:31am
if you modified the whole thing as the rest is most likely also engineer to be superlubed by 2 stroke .

dennyr, Jan 25, 10:16am
Try contacting your local Boat Club. The president will no doubt know of any members that would either know of or be a Seagull racing enthusiast
Someone will be very keen to buy the motor still in great condition.

tygertung, Jan 25, 12:34pm
I do not know about the bearing situation, it might not have needle rollers on the big and little end of the connecting rods either.

rectech, Sep 22, 7:17pm
They are just brass bushes. very primitive!

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