Opinions please. 1993 Mazda 121 low k's

bumfacingdown, Jan 2, 12:57pm
Still there so it was a NO from you, yeah?

bagal, Jan 3, 3:26pm
According to Carjam there are only 8 1993 Mazda Funtops left. Isn't it worth buying to preserve? Unlikely to be any better.

rjgmjs, Jul 17, 6:48pm
Its still unsold. i have enjoyed reading your comments and opinions, might have to go for a drive and take it for a run. As i said above, i could no longer fit comfortably in to an early Mini (Health and age) but would like a Sunday runner. Cheers

intrade, Jul 18, 5:49pm
sounds good then . just check coolant for rust as thats a killer and what it looks like inside engine should be nice and clean inside oil rocker and cap. Not tar like or oven baked like most toyotas look like when you remove the oil filler cap.

richardmayes, Jul 21, 2:39pm
$7,000 is a lot of money for an AWFUL little car. Even if it does have a sunroof. It's a no from me.

If you really want a small, oddball little old Japper with minimal performance and safety features, but one that will actually provide some ownership interest and fun, look at a Nissan Figaro (Nissan Micra platform with a faux-retro 50s/60s styled exterior.)

Or a Daihatsu Copen (650cc, manual, 2 door coupe body with folding tin top roof.)

gyrogearloose, Jul 21, 2:46pm
I doubt it will appreciate in value, and it won't bring joy to peoples lives.

How about a VW beetle?

sw20, Jul 21, 3:01pm
The Copen to buy is the 1.3 16v four cylinder. Actually has some reasonable performance. My mum sold her's last Labour weekend for $11k. She moved up to a Lexus SC430.

OP if you like the wee Mazda, get it checked over and buy it. If it will put a smile on your face while you get out and about in it, just do it.

budgel, Jul 21, 4:05pm
If you have to ask, it hasn't really caught your imagination has it?

Have a look around at what else you can get for that sort of money, then decide.
Remember, having low k's doesn't undo all those things that time degrades.

carstauranga001, Jul 22, 10:09am
I know this car and also the dealer who today owns it. It was owned by Wally Sutherland who had the Whakatane Mazda dealership for many a year. Wally has passed away and his daughter sold the Mazda to Jono at Tauranga Cars. As you can tell from the posts here this isn't everybody's cup of tea. But if this is what floats ya boat go and buy it. You won't find another one better.

tgray, Jul 22, 10:26am
15 years ago I sold a few for between $2000 - $2500.

intrade, Jul 22, 10:59am
the doller also was 20%+ - higher against other currency's back then +-
i know for a fact it was 84-95 cent now its 69 and the pound was 3 times the value of nz$ in 1990

sw20, Jul 22, 11:04am
10 years ago I bought a turbo SW20 MR2 for $2800. Now you won't find a straight one for less than $10,000.

lythande1, Jul 22, 1:39pm
It's not old enough for a classic and not new enough for a good used car.
And over priced.

tgray, Jul 22, 5:40pm
10 years ago a house in Takapuna was $600,000
Now there are $1,200,000

rjgmjs, Jun 27, 10:19pm
1993 Mazda 121 Fun Top! Amazing original car!

Listing #: 2673527030

Under 20,000 k's.
can't comfortably fit in to an early mini, so was thinking along the lines of one of these. I need a hobby without costing a fortune. look forward to positive/negative comments please. Dealer wants $7000.00

mimik3, Jun 28, 1:47am
Whatever rocks your boat.
Not my cup of tea, but maybe in 50 years it may be worth something

tamarillo, Jun 28, 8:30am
Is it a hobby? Hmmm. not sure it’s a classic and would join in local cars and coffee or classic car outings easily. For a fun wee drive on a sunny day I’d rather a Mazda mx5 . But, I do like oddballs so if you like it go for it and laughter lots

intrade, Jun 28, 9:12am
3 dangers well sortof.
number 1 they where unsafe back then already
number 2 if you use a potential future valuable car as daily driver you devalue it for sure
number 3 parts are most likely quite difficult to get as most wont stock parts for cars that bo longer exist.
basically its a car you keep in its own garage with a dehumidifier going and use it when your modern pile of crap wont start with the check engine light on.

s_nz, Jun 28, 11:01am
Despite being low mileage and 27 years old, I am not sure that the car is desirable enough to justify being a hobby.

As others have said, it is it's low mileage that gives it its value, so you would have to rarely use it to maintain that. Not ideal for a hobby. Plus it's good condition likely means not much work need to be done on it.

kazbanz, Jun 28, 11:55am
"it" isn't really a rare car. But I think you would struggle to find a better one anywhere in the world.

franc123, Jun 28, 12:11pm
Hobby? It's not a restoration project, if you want something that's fun to drive, look elsewhere, they're a stodgy economy car of which the only remotely interesting bit was the roof. If you are sold on the idea of open top motoring get a MX5. Besides, very low km old cars are really only a good idea if they have been impeccably maintained, certain components deteriorate whether the car is driven or not, owning one can actually turn out costly if you have to full overhaul brake hydraulics, cooling hoses, tyres, oil seals, body rubbers etc. Its probably going to.need a cam belt and water pump too if it's never been touched.

kcf, Jun 28, 12:20pm
it is indeed a very low miles example, but they were a terribly dull car to drive, and in 1300 form quite asthmatic at best. Personally, I'd actually look for something quirkier, if I was shopping for a car I knew was going to be pretty terrible. eg: Nissan S Cargo. Then Nissan was a horrid little appliance from new, but at least it will stand out in a crowd. Possibly not in a good way . but you will be noticed.

gph1961, Jun 28, 12:30pm
buy it or you will die wondering what if

meme6, Dec 27, 11:06am
I looked up that car and I just loved it. In such good condition too. Love the sun roof. It really is not a car model you see around much, The safety features of a car that age would be a concern too me. If you like it buy it.

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