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lakeview3, Aug 10, 7:41pm
So it’s my turn. this happened to me today, pulled over. Turned car off. Waited for a bit. Started up again and it was fine. did a few errands came home.

Now I have work stuff to do again tomorrow, do I go straight to my mechanic and ask them to run their scan tool over it? Or am I over reacting?(I am possibly known to be a bit ‘nervous’ when things go wrong with my car lol) 😆

Car is Holden Berlina 2003. Not sure exactly how many kms it has done as had a ‘new’ engine dropped in after I redlined my old one, lol. That was about 2-3 yers ago? Let’s just say it’s reading 320,000km at the mo, cause that’s what it says. With any luck the new engine had actually done less kms than the one I wrecked. Lol.

Help what should I do? TIA!

intrade, Aug 10, 7:55pm
ok its 2003 model if it was bad it be in limp home mode with 2200rpm limmit. you want to make sure you dont have coolant loss or not enough or to much oil in the engine. if thats fine and it runs ok then your basically over reacting. if this was 2010+ then danger will robinson but 03 yea na its only emission why the check engine light is on most probably.
You dont want to keep driving for ever you want to read the codes out . so you could get it read out soonest and then post on here. factory scanner for that would be the gm-tech2

lakeview3, Aug 10, 8:35pm
hmmmm interesting my husband put some oil in it earlier today 🤔 seems like a REAL coincidence

What should I do?

lakeview3, Aug 10, 8:37pm
Also what do you mean only emission ( please answer like your we’re talking to a child because that’s about my extent of knowledge on the issue lol)


tamarillo, Aug 10, 8:39pm
Check oil level when it’s cold and level.

intrade, Aug 10, 8:50pm
Does the oil smell of petrol?

lakeview3, Aug 10, 8:53pm
i don’t think so why would it?

lakeview3, Aug 10, 8:54pm
ok will do

lakeview3, Aug 10, 9:02pm
And what should I do if it’s too high?

Also I drove my car after MR put the oil in for 7km then 7km home fine before the next trip (where I got the check engine) which was later in the day 🤔

lakeview3, Aug 11, 8:05am
Just done the oil check. Engine cold been sitting overnight. Comes out like maybe 1-1.5mm over the full mark. Should this be a problem?

Seems my husband may have put a wee tad too much in yesterday?

The oil is very good quality and has been topped up with the same oil that was put in in its last oil change about 3 months ago.


intrade, Aug 11, 8:34am
if it runs absolut perfect then there is no immenent distruction like 2010 onwards cars 2005 is where it starts getting dangerous .
its all Due to what emission a car comply to.
Fun cargo year 2000 will not turn emission check engine light on While the same year euro version called yaris-verso will illuminate it Same engine same ecu different emission programming.
i was stunned to find the yaris we have in switzerland has had catalist monitoring. that you will find only on 2010 or 2015 corollas now in nz.
it expains why the funcargo from 2000 has unused can databus system. as the euro-yaris uses that for the emission monitor

saxman99, Aug 11, 9:16am
The check engine light is only related to the emissions control equipment that the car is fitted with. There are 263 reasons the light might come on, some are tiny and insignificant, some are more serious. In any case you should at some point in the next little while have it scanned. The first thing I do with the scan information is ignore it, and clear it. Then when the light comes back on do another scan which might tell an experienced mechanic what’s actually wrong with it. Once you have it narrowed down you can decide whether to leave it, fix it, or get a new car.

franc123, Aug 11, 11:12am
As per #12. I'm assuming it's an Ecotec motor and not a V8? Very common for throttle position sensors to wear out on them at high kms. It will log codes if that has happened. Buggered oxygen sensors are the only other things that commonly bring it on. Intake air leaks causing lean running codes can also occur. See what the scan shows up.

lakeview3, Aug 11, 2:38pm
Hi there thanks for your feedback guys (and gals 😜)

I have been out in it today and the check engine hasn’t come up again. So I am keeping my fingers crossed that it’s just as Intrade said and that it was the result of my husband perhaps putting in a tad too much oil.

That said, I will be going past my mechanics on Thursday so I might swing past and get them to give it a quick scan.

My car is the ecotec engine it’s the classic 3.8L V6 and I love it! However yes she is getting on but I will do whatever I can to keep her going. Trusty and wonderful car that has really seen me through so many things/events in my life. I have owned her for 14 years now and long may she continue! 🤞🤞🤞

intrade, Aug 11, 5:26pm
get it checked still ,it be in pending codes or freezframes if it already had that. Gm was early with all that stuff you need a capable scantool otherwise supercheap auto full system scan with bosch should give us a clue when you post the sheet.
level 2 scan you want

intrade, Dec 8, 1:09pm
what i did say is it wont blow up imidietly if you keep driving. you still need to find what the problem is. because sooner or later it can still do damage if you have a faulty fuel injector for example that would be why i said to smell the oil.

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