1996 Mitsi Pajero SWB

noodleman4, Apr 14, 7:24pm
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Are there any particular issues with these ?

Yep its old but has a fairly good service history it seems.
Im always a bit wary on red painted vehicles with fade etc.

Primary use would be for commuting duties from Rolly to Hornby 3days a week & occasional weekends away , not buying for offroad ability or towing.


mack77, Apr 14, 9:27pm
I can't answer your question regarding any particular problems, especially since it's got a manual gearbox and an unusually small engine.
However I will give you my comments about this possible purchase.
1. As the owner of a 2000 version with a 3.5 litre petrol engine, I can assure you that "real" 4wd vehicles don't make good commuting vehicles because of their poor handling compared to a car or wagon.
I solved this problem by buying a cheap "high performance" wagon for street use, and it's a dream to drive compared to my Pajero.
2. This old Pajero is not worth anywhere near $7k, maybe $3k or $4k.
3. Some genuine parts are unavailable for my 20 year old Pajero, so I think that you will have even more trouble with a 24 year old vehicle.
4. I just intend to use mine for rugged off-road trips.

franc123, Apr 14, 9:44pm
It is no doubt one of the better examples available but I wouldnt buy it for that purpose. For what its likely to sell for you are going to be able to get yourself into something much more comfortable and safer thats made this century and will be a far better motorway cruiser. That engine was also used in the L300 Sportpac van of the era and is reliable enough but its fairly gutless and thirsty in the real world, room in the back of those SWB's is pretty crap too especially with 4 aboard. Operating a heavyish petrol 4x4 when you've got no specific need for it is just costing you more in fuel and tyres.

noodleman4, Apr 14, 9:45pm
Thanks for your input mack77.

tamarillo, Apr 15, 10:03am
As above totally wrong vehicle for the job. Tall, short, heavy, rough, inefficient, low road holding etc etc. great at its job but not yours.
Good sedan with 2 litre approx motor and nice comfy ride would suit and since sedans are out of flavour great value to be found.
Mondeo would be one choice.

intrade, Apr 15, 10:27am
generic answer will be rust issues hidden with boog . then electronic ecu capacitors i would inspect inside ecu= most probably repaired but with what capacitors. if it states anything other then panasonic rubikon or nipon kemikon. then i would get them redone with good name brands from digikey.co.nz

intrade, Apr 15, 10:35am
lets go to what you ask to want ot what you seemingly want.
Primary use would be for commuting duties from Rolly to Hornby 3days a week do you want a manual as if you are in trafic jamms every day then a manual is anything but ideal. What you also seem to want is something reliable without 100 tousend ecus and crap that is going to fail sooner or later costing you 3 times the value of the vehicle to repair.
So best is to search year 2000 to 2001 only as this gives 1 year wof and back then most vehicles where reliable and cheap to fix due to the fact there was not much to fail fitted. Fresh imports will be serviced as they will fail emission testing if a dirty air cleaner resides in the aircleaner during a emission test.

noodleman4, Apr 15, 6:19pm
Thanks for the replies franc123 , tamarillo and intrade.

The collective replies all make sense cheers,

Commuting in a manual will be fine for me as its a straight run thru no snarl up traffic dramas or hills etc - lucky me.

I actually got to drive the Pajero today , it is a tidy smart vehicle for ts age, goes as well as a 4g64 can be ,pretty much everything you guys said above was what it is.

I'll move along and take on your suggestions.

franc123, Aug 21, 11:53am
Just get yourself a nice car, there is certainly good value to be had in the midsize sector, 1800-2000cc, and there is a swag of choices. I take it from the above the budget is about $5-7k, youve got a huge market right on your doorstep, spend a day and go around the yards in town and see what you can get, there will be something good that will suit thats a good decade newer than the Pajero.

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