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maxi090605, Sep 2, 9:20pm
Just asking, as my car is flashing Service Required all the time but I'm not a heavy braker anyway so I don't worry about it much and I don't see any difference from the overall performance before and after, but thinking if I should sort these warnings out before the next WOF?


vtecintegra, Sep 2, 9:23pm
Yes both of those faults will cause a fail

annie17111, Sep 3, 8:01am
If you have a crash and the insurance company think it's anything to do with your abs flashing and asc being off, then they won't pay out. Also your car should be at a warrantable standard all the time.

tamarillo, Sep 3, 8:04am
Have you got 3 lights going? ABS and ACS warning lights need fixing. But then you mention service lights and that’s not warrant issue. Though just because it does not go better after does not mean you should not do it, it’s preventative.

skiff1, Sep 3, 8:53am
No, don’t fix it. If it was really important, the car would try to tell you. Have you thought of walking?
“I’m not a heavy braker any way” Well, no one is until they need to!

intrade, Sep 3, 9:16am
The dangers to remember are the systems maybe disabled if abs is disabled you have to let the brake go to steer the car or you travel in the direction you are pointing Straight out of a corner in the ditch if you brake in a corner. its why you brake before the corner and accelerate out of it. Thats the real danger to know about.
i guess thats your 2007 mitsubishi suv thingo.

franc123, Sep 3, 9:21am
Yes because it will fail, that simple. Remember these features are there for your protection.

apollo11, Sep 3, 11:25am
ABS has saved my bacon once. On the motorway in the pissing rain, large accident and traffic jam ahead (+ Distracted by young daughter excitedly telling me about her day). Get it fixed.

fishb8, Sep 3, 3:44pm
Wasn't an issue when wife's 2006, Jazz SRS light came on but was told (correctly) that you can't get a new WOF and seat belt pre-tensioners won't work.
Scarier still when Honda dealer told me a new ECU (as highlighted by diagnostic) cost NZ$1200 + $300 fitting for a 13 y/o car.
Fortunately found an identical ECU from wrecker that hadn't been in a crash - $220 and fitted myself.

maxi090605, Sep 3, 4:38pm
Why would it, when a lot of cars on NZ roads have no abs and asc?

sw20, Sep 3, 4:47pm
Yep mine too. Going to get groceries on a wet night. Van without lights nor indicators operating pulls out of park about 20 metres in front of me doing 50km/h. Brakes + the ability to turn avoided shunting him down the street.

s_nz, Sep 3, 5:00pm
Note that driving a car in a condition that will fail a WOF is illegal, so this is something to fix now, not when your WOF comes due.

I would fail a WOF because the requirements is that if the vehicle was fitted with ABS / ESC, it needs to be working (excl some specialist vehicles like motorsport). See:


With regards to a lot of cars on NZ roads having no ABS or Stability control, the number is falling fast. ABS has been common many years. Stability control has been required on new cars (excl specificity) imported into NZ from mid 2015, and used vehicles from from march 2016 (SUV's), March 2018 (passenger cars with engine greter than 2.0L), and march 2020 for all used light vehicles.

Sure you can get by without this tech, but is does reduce the number of bad crashes. I have two cars from 2006. Both have ABS, but only one has stability control.

maxi090605, Sep 3, 5:07pm
Just a rough estimate, how much would it cost to have this fixed?
And why would it suddenly fail when just backing off the driveway? Any ideas?

bjmh, Sep 3, 5:09pm
what sort of vehicle

franc123, Sep 3, 5:11pm
Because if its fitted to the vehicle, it has to work as the manufacturer intended. Otherwise if the system is to be permanently disabled a LVV certification/exemption has to be obtained. It is impossible to give a cost estimate to fix until it is scanned and then diagnostics for the particular fault code(s) is carried out.

franc123, Sep 3, 5:14pm
Now you better hope that one doesnt fail also.

maxi090605, Sep 3, 5:17pm

kazbanz, Sep 3, 5:27pm
this is a piss take thread right?
You have your car screaming at you that two safety functions are no longer working and you are worried about getting a WOF?
get your car fixed !
Incidently -older cars weren't set up to depend on these features--your is

bjmh, Sep 3, 5:32pm
I have had the same recently with a late model ute that towed a trailer . the trailer had dodgy wiring . it blew the brake light fuse. the same fuse if blown threw up the abs etc warning.Put a new brake light fuse in and it fixed everything.

tweake, Sep 3, 5:48pm
some utes won't start if the brake fuse is blown.
really should start fitting a fuse box just for the trailer.

curlcrown, Sep 3, 6:01pm
We tend to forget how little some people know about cars, I know how useless I was 20 years ago. I think the person was asking a genuine question, now it is up the him or her to act accordingly.

gubay, Sep 3, 6:18pm

maxi090605, Sep 3, 6:32pm
Big thanks for this.

The car drives okay, I'm used to driving old cars (last one was 1996 model) without this bs tech, so I just need to not rely on this ABS again while I don't have the money to have this fixed. I'll just need to bring this to the mechanic to get the right fault code to assess how big and costly the issue is.

gblack, Sep 3, 6:58pm
Pretty sure most cars from early 90s onwards have ABS, and that would be the majority of the NZ fleet. Even bikes from 2010 onwards area increasing coming with ABS as standard.

Did make me wonder about that though. I tried to search for 1 star rating cars, but TradeMe won't allow you to do that. Almost like they think that people won't be searching for unsafe cars.

Did some poking around on Google and looks like ABS was mandatory from about 2002 onwards, but suprisingly only required for motorbikes with a rule change this year.

muzz67, Sep 3, 8:03pm
Thats because ABS is an absolute a## when on gravel roads on a bike capable of adventure riding.

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