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strobo, Nov 25, 11:48am

trouser, Nov 25, 12:00pm
About what in particular? They are decently big cars with a large range of engine and drive train configurations and the wagons are huge.

budgel, Nov 25, 12:30pm
I've seen them on TV in use in Britain, they seem to do OK there.

ebygum1, Nov 25, 12:32pm
Skoda make a specific model for law enforcement, maybe that is what we will get

stewart710, Nov 25, 12:35pm
Im am replacing the aluminum water pump on my car which has an aluminum block. The gasket is a metal one with the crimp ridge through it. Do I put it on dry or do I put a smear of 3 bond on both sides

poppy62, Nov 25, 12:40pm
Even if you're planning on being a regular user of the Police Taxi service you will be less gob smacked / shocked and more pleasantly surprized. They are a very under rated vehicle that is going to gob smack and shock a lot of the miscreants.

poppy62, Nov 25, 12:41pm
I'd put a smear of sealant on it.

morrisman1, Nov 25, 12:47pm
normally the gaskets are coated with a thin rubber film which seals it up, but if you are worried then the thinnest smear of RTV gasket wont hurt.

strobo, Nov 25, 4:40pm
Away from blimmin gaskets lol seriously only 12 lube services within the end of it's lifetime of 6-7 years and the skoda becomes defunct and is passed on or scrapped.Talk about saving money for the sake of a carbon footprint! . Unsuspecting buyers wanting x cop cars will be in for surprises when the shitters crap out.I would have preferred BMW or even Audi for replacement over skoda anyday .

strobo, Nov 25, 5:06pm
underated ! Back in the 70's the name "skoda" popped into the scene here in NZ and the odd hippy nutjob was into them "love ,joy,peace smoking hippy type . ,sort of like they were an alternative to a VW ie the "pregnant rollerskate" Production of skoda was spasmodic and sales numbers didn't take off in NZ .Then some local decided they might make a good track race car of sorts.I think the newer ones are just using todays tech carrying the brand name that wasn't popular in the first place.Spose fitting for transporting crims I guess.Even the cops like the brand ,what does that tell ya lol.

kenw1, Nov 25, 5:34pm
Will it be a new offence. taking the skoda?

lythande1, Nov 25, 5:49pm
They are not shitters anymore.
Better than Holden, oh wait there are no "holdens", just rebadged whatevers built by some other country.

And you'd prefer? Are you a cop then?

strobo, Nov 25, 5:57pm
What do you call a car that is only good for 6 years? a shitter of course. ;-) If ya sons or daughters are no good for anything else ,then just send them off to the police force!

strobo, Nov 25, 6:14pm
Ha ha ,the status quo still stands today for that brand.

richardmayes, Nov 25, 6:23pm
Any info on which model of Škoda Superb the Police car is based on?

Unless it is the most basic 2WD version I would expect it to give the old V8 holdungs a good run for their money.

Surely any cop who remembers the pre-VW/Audi Škodas, is probably a bit too long in the tooth and a bit too broad across the backside now to be chasing down villains anyway?

harm_less, Nov 25, 6:28pm
I've also seen those jokes aimed at Ladas. And note that the posted link is over 10 years old.

lythande1, Nov 25, 6:30pm
Top Gear
Spun off the VW Group’s ubiquitous MQB platform

Engines are mostly from the VW Group’s Sensible Range, with four-cylinder petrols spanning from 123bhp to 217bhp. However, there’s a wildcard in the line-up: a four-wheel drive Superb with the 276bhp 2.0 TSI from the Leon Cupra ST.

But if you do choose to unleash your inner Stig, then you’ll find that the Superb gets round corners without trouble, only belying its sheer length in the fastest, tightest bends. Too much enthusiasm reveals plenty of tyre squeal, but generally it’s a tidy steer.

Most of the time, though, you’ll be cruising motorways, which the Superb manages with panache. the Superb does a fair impression of a top-drawer German limo, wafting along serenely and generally making a decent fist of keeping the outside world at bay. It’s a car built to devour high-mileage trips.

It’s customary in reviews of big cars to note that there’s ‘room for one six-footer behind another’, but in the Superb you could squeeze another in the rear-seat footwell for good measure.

It’s truly cavernous inside - while the boot is commensurately vast too.


Final thoughts and pick of the range
No pun needed: the Skoda Superb is excellent. Every inch an Audi A6 rival. Honest

tamarillo, Nov 25, 6:31pm
are you suggesting current Skoda cars are on,y good for 6 years? Rubbish.

strobo, Nov 25, 7:00pm
Prove me any different with skoda then pal It's police policy to move them on around 120,000kms or 6-7 years which ever comes first.

stevo2, Nov 25, 7:05pm
I think they probably made a wise choice assuming they got them for a good price. Superb is a large car with serious room in the back.
I see a spin off for Skoda as the public will see Skodas as Police cars and it may raise their opinions of the brand as a whole.
I believe Skoda will sell more cars to businesses, hire companies and the public, not just Superbs, but all models.

strobo, Nov 25, 7:29pm
The lease package is what Id like to see.!

marte, Nov 25, 7:39pm
That's 3/4 of their lifespan.
A bit past it's Transmission fluid/filter change ( which it won't have had ) & very close to its complete cooling system & cambelt/camchain tensioner etc & sensors swapped servicing. ( This depends on how you look at it )

Ie, it's gonna need a lot of preventive maintenance done soon, but afterwards it will be good untill 210,000 kms. Then you would do the whole lot again.

strobo, Nov 25, 8:40pm
#23 ,ya see that's is just typical of the whole euro stuff isn't it! The cooling system for one .will it handle our climate? One leak and its cooked or instant heat damage to the rest of the engine and then the cracks start , .But to say replace the whole cooling system as this is what it would need! and at what cost! because that is a common down fall with most euro trash. .,every plastic item in that cooling system will need replacement and no guarantee to extend the vehicles life.Then on top electronic features will likely crap out.Then end up a pile of junk for for all it's worth.good till 210,000km at what cost ? No one cares about that while money is still printed I spose. Made to do one job and one job only is about it.And if used as a police vehicle will get a real thrashing .Time will tell and I'm sure there is a lot of ugly in it ;-)

richardmayes, Nov 25, 11:08pm

marte, Nov 26, 3:14am
#24 Europe gets hotter than NZ, Singapore does too. The plastic stuffs got a maintenance life & will get replaced before it breaks.
Gearbox fluid is the one item that should be replaced at 100kkms, or even less, I don't know if they have a cambelt (70kkms) & then again a maintenance period is 100kkms, cam chain adjusters, waterpump unit, sensors & CVSystem, so if the gearbox was done as well then it should last well.

It's been a long time since we took the lip off a cylinder bore or reringed the pistons, replaced big end bearings as maintenance, even changed sparkplug, leads, distributor cap, points & condensor every third oil change, but it's not that much difference really.
There's more parts but if they all get done at once it's not that hard to do.
It's when it's not done or not all of its done that's when the continual replacement of singular parts, and their expense, gets to you.

One part failing as it wasn't replaced when it was supposed too will cause a flow on effect of expensive failures. A proper fleet maintenance schedule would be the best situation.
But as a Police vehicle? It's probably stuffed by hard use at 160 kkms, extra wear n tear, driven hard on kiwi roads & throwing all that extra weight & electronics into it isn't going to help much. Interior trim, switches, windows, seats, safety belts, wipers, heating & aircon will be on their last legs.

I bought a 10 year old Cortina once, these days they would be written off at less than 7 years because of rust. 140kkms & had just had the top end reconditioned but the seat adjusters were stuffed already. A lot less to go wrong but it still found a way to.

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