WW2 Motors

philltauranga, Jan 2, 2:14pm
If you are a WW2 movie fan, I found a good 1h25m movie compilation on youtube. Action scenes that are set out in a timeline to a musical background, mostly modern and movies from various country's, there's bound to be something you haven't seen. There's heaps of stuff with "motors" like planes, tanks, ships, ect.
I think it is quite a good compilation.

Type this into the youtube search bar:
Evolution of War: WWII Cinematic Timeline (1942-1945)

Link to youtube:

mechnificent, Jan 2, 3:05pm
Hard to beat the sound of those old plane motors alright.

philltauranga, Jan 2, 7:49pm
Yea, I love the sound of the big V12 Merlin.
Stalin's organ at 34min in the video sound neat as well.

apollo11, Oct 2, 4:53pm
Love the sound of a supercharged supermarine on full song.

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