Iwant a MAZDA 3

nadzeez, Aug 8, 4:35pm
I have $20K Cash and want a 2018/2019 mAZDA 3

gph1961, Aug 8, 4:56pm
wrong colour

gusthe1, Aug 8, 5:06pm
I want an Aston Martin

toenail, Aug 8, 5:12pm
i have $20k cash and I want a Rolls Royce Cullinan 1:18 Model. But still $50K short on cash.


bryalea, Aug 8, 5:14pm
I think they are extremely ugly cars. Their snout is too long. I do like the red the red ones are however. It is a wonderful colour.

tamarillo, Aug 8, 5:19pm

tgray, Aug 8, 5:21pm
I want a C8 Corvette.
In 2021 I will buy a C8 Corvette.

intrade, Aug 8, 6:29pm
i want a golf 10 . i have the 1 already
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KTwvG2X8DFo i am fanbo of that music . i liked the first computer generated music on my amiga in the 1980s found what it is with google whats that song on my nexus 5 android https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bM7SZ5SBzyY

gph1961, Aug 8, 6:31pm
me 2

bryshaw, Aug 9, 8:56am
A genuine automatic gearbox to boot.

vtecintegra, Aug 9, 9:27am
2019 was the new shape, those are still well over budget. A 2018 in that price range would be an ex rental GLX which are quite basic but there are lots available right now.

I've had a 2016 (first of the facelifts so same shape as a 2018) since new and its been a fantastic car - not the most practical shape in the class though so bear that in mind.

dlin9, Aug 9, 10:01am
Someone really should start a trading site where you can search for cars to buy. They'd make a killing

apollo11, Dec 10, 2:00pm
I've heard that they have the barest minimum of paint thickness on them. And the red looks like it would be really expensive to get any touch ups. Nice colour though.

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