Parson outboard motors

baxter17, May 9, 4:15pm
Hi all any one had any experience with parson outboards mid range any feedback would be appreciated thanks .

framtech, May 9, 5:41pm
Hi the quickest motors in clubman racing (mini boats) is the parsons and they are very reliable, also easy to start back on land if you drown them when you flip over.

wind.turbine, May 9, 5:44pm
I have no personal experience but they are basically a yamaha design built with cheaper parts.
some go well, some have lots of issues.
I've also heard from a few that, when they do breakdown, parts are harder to get than the main brands

bwg11, May 10, 10:28am
But why would you go away from Yamaha's reputation of service and reliability for a few hundred dollars? Yes, I own two Yamahas, but have owned Mercury, ETEC, and Johnson/Evinrude.

baxter17, May 10, 7:11pm
Replacing the Yamaha has around 230 hrs and 2 out of 3 cylinders with no or little compression

tygertung, May 11, 5:51pm
Yes, but 4 strokes are much quieter.

framtech, May 11, 11:16pm
yes but heavier, less power to weight, expensive to fix.

martin11, May 12, 7:26am
What was the cause ? My Yamaha has well over those hours and still checks out fine .

tygertung, May 12, 9:51am
Yes that is quite correct and you will have to service them, however the fuel consumption is dramatically lower.

I have a 350cc 2 stroke motorbike and it uses as much fuel as a moderate car.

framtech, May 14, 12:07am
so what, fuel is cheap for a 30hp boat motor, not going to break the bank and it gets the job done.

s_nz, May 14, 12:38am
Given the Yamaha was a 3 cylinder it must be in the 40 - 90hp range.

But you are correct that most recreational booties with sub 90hp engines don't do enough hours for fuel cost to be a major concern.

Still in an application where low weight, cost, or ability to easy get it running after submerging arn't essential the four strokes are so much nicer to live with.

Remember when a sports club i was involved with's coach boats were switching from two stroke to 4 stroke. Could coach without yelling or shutting the engine off, easy (electric) starting, and no clouds of blue smoke. We did have issues with people trying to repeatably start an already running engines as they incorrectly thought it had failed to start the first time due to quiet idle.

Guessing OP doesn't have the budget for the luxury of a 4 stroke given they are looking at parson outboards.

tygertung, May 14, 11:38am
Fuel maybe relatively cheap, however when you need to carry double the quantity for your trip, that can be a consideration. It depends on how far you are travelling.

Back in 2012 my wife and I went cruising for 11 days in a Sunburst and we took a 2hp outboard as an Auxiliary engine. Even though it was only 2 HP we used up all the spare fuel we were carrying and had to try to get someone who was going into town from Totaranui to get us some from the petrol station.

HOWEVER, a four stroke would be too big and heavy for that boat, but it goers to show that fuel consumption is a consideration.

two9s, Aug 7, 11:51pm
4 stroke OBM's simply do not make sense in about 75% of applications. Fuel consumption is a small part of the overall equation, esp when talking new motors. The low end torque, light weight and simplicity of 2Ts are hard to beat for the majority of applications

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