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ryanm2, Feb 11, 8:46pm
If you had 30k what model ss would you buy as a future classic or investment? I’ve got 2 on my mind but can’t decide.

msigg, Feb 11, 9:36pm
None will be an investment. You are better to buy good shares for an investment or pay off your mortgage. For a fun car to play with any will do, With the planet getting weened off petrol in the next 10 - 20 years there are plenty of old classic cars already that will get dumped as the only thing you will be able to do is look at it. I have a vintage military vehicle that we play with and belong to a club, sure they have gone up 10 k in value in 15 years, but that is nothing when you look at the price of the same shares you could have bought. I can see now the increase in value is flattening off, we have fun with ours , thats what it is about, forget the investment sorry, i see plenty of import yank tanks not selling, maybe with covid there is some play money around for now, nothing last forever. My best advise if to buy an SS is to find a very low production number and the earliest and if possible a model that has raced at bathurst, tall order for 30k. Each to their own.

2sheddies, Feb 11, 11:08pm
Going by some of the spectacularly idiotic prices being asked by dreamers in possesion of some of these examples nowadays, they clearly haven't read your post and taken it into consideration. 15k for an old, high mileage, dog eared heap of a VS SS? Uhhhh. tui anyone?

sw20, Feb 11, 11:49pm
My favourite Holden has always been the VS Clubsport. With the 17" Tri spokes. Ten years ago they were sub $10000. Now I can't find any.

There is one in Queensland in silver (not as desirable as the red IMO) for $57k AUD.

franc123, Feb 12, 12:20am
Those VR and S models were quite well regarded cars at the time but by heck they didnt wear very well, they had nothing like the durability of the Falcons of the exact same era. Virtually all of them have been driven hard at some point in their lives by idiots and not been maintained well at the same time. Those old Aussie built V8 engines are horribly overrated and were well past their use by date by Y2K, even the HSV enhanced ones, I remember prominent badging on those cars advertising less Kw's than a standard Falcon Barra N/A 4.0 six made less than 10 years later. I wouldnt own one at any price, there's much better looking/handling/performing/be-
tter quality cars around than those that are going to be easier to keep on the road in the future, I don't think the long term picture of parts availability for Holdens is going to be that good.

annie17111, Feb 12, 7:30am
hubby bought a vs ss v8 about two years ago for $7,500 with low kms and all original. It's gone up in value since we have had it.

clark20, Feb 12, 7:41am
Not just an SS, but a older HSV is what to get for that money. There are heaps of VE/VF SS around and are not that rare, unless you get a numbered Motorsport/director or Magnum. But a 185/215Kw HSV are starting to pick up in pricing

tygertung, Feb 12, 8:44am
With these old cars, people think they are going up in value, the reality is that they might go up to the original purchase price if one accounts for inflation. There are only a very few rare examples which actually increase in value over the original price.

Say if you get a 70s car selling for $60k, well they probably originally cost about that when sold new if you account for inflation.

franc123, Feb 12, 9:34am
My biggest issue is who is going to want to be buying these cars in say 15-20 years time? One of the factors in Holdens demise was a disconnection from younger generations, their image as a manufacturer deteriorated horribly in its last 10 years. It wasnt that long ago that large amounts of people were swanning about in unlimited variations of tacky clothing associated with Holden, HSV and V8SC, you dont see that much any more, if at all.

sw20, Feb 12, 10:48am
HRT ran the race team on the profits of the apparel.

kazbanz, Feb 12, 5:55pm
Personally I see the monaro becoming a classic.

2sheddies, Feb 12, 7:35pm
Can't see that ever becoming collectable in the same sense as early Holdens have, but then again, nobody thought HQ Belmonts would be selling for 30k plus now lol. I certainly wouldn't want to shell out 10k plus for an old VS though, especially one in very average condition. There are some real tryers out there.

But if you're into Holdens and just want one to drive and enjoy into the future, who really cares about value.

tygertung, Feb 12, 8:28pm
Maybe an HQ Belmont would be 30k now, but still not as much as a new one, if you account for inflation.

annie17111, Feb 12, 8:31pm
yeah he loves it and we can go to car shows and cruises. He's got a vs ute as well but that's just a work hack.

sw20, Feb 12, 9:00pm
Already worth good coin. An old mate of mine has a CV8 manual in black probably a $50k+ car already. He paid about half that ten years ago.

marte, Feb 12, 10:18pm
I think the rise in values storage costs,. What's it cost to store a car for a decade? Thats what it increased in value.
Plus rarity. Or being a particularly good example, MK4 & 5 Cortinas are rare, even a 10 year old one would be rusted out.

You can get a wooden rimmed vintage car a lot cheaper than most 1970's heavy metal & a lot lot cheaper than its cost to restore one.

extrayda, Feb 12, 10:25pm
That's exactly what I would go for if I was hoping for an increase in value.
I do think that the bottom will fall out of the car market at some point as there will be less people who remember them from new / racing.
But I've been saying that for about 10 years, and it hasn't happened yet.

extrayda, Feb 12, 10:27pm
Plus they sound hideous and smell bad.

I could happily put up with a nice RX-3 though, even with those negatives.
They are a nice looking car. I wouldn't even be so rude as to put a V8 into it. Crazy prices on those though.

sw20, Feb 12, 10:37pm
You will fall off your chair when you see what RX-3s command then.

extrayda, Feb 12, 10:39pm
Yup, I know.
I remember when they were pretty much worthless.
Along with almost buying a tidy V8 XA Coupe for $6k, and a Charger that iirc was $5800.
Those days are long gone.

sw20, Feb 12, 10:46pm
Yeah when I was a teenager in the ‘90s one of the bakers at my first job bought a mint RX3 Coupe Deluxe in this gorgeous baby blue colour. 100% original interior, gorgeous black vinyl and the wood rimmed steering wheel. 12a Bridgeport with a 48 ida Weber and and drain pipe for an exhaust. Lowered on Spitfires and Eagers. Cost him somewhere around $7k IIRC.

franc123, Feb 13, 12:09am
Never understood the fascination with those either, the engine is the only remotely engaging bit of an RX3 the rest of it is a boring porridgemobile that's no better than a piston engine 808 and isnt outwardly more attractive in any way. Ditto the RX2. At least the RX7 had the Porsche 924 looks and far better suits being fitted with a high performance engine.

tygertung, Feb 13, 12:29pm
I used to have a 1975 Corolla 2 door Wagon which I bought for $700 and sold a few years later for $3k. I think I may have broken even on the deal.

I once went for a ride in a RX2. Was a bit strange to me as it sounded like a 2 stroke, but the power band never kicked in!

tgray, Feb 13, 12:54pm
I think any Commodore V8 will hold it's value well over time.

toenail, Feb 13, 2:51pm
forget about cars, your 1 bitcoin is worth $66K now.

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