Hilux low oil pressure

thebluboy, Jan 19, 3:18am
Oil pressure needle haning around the L area lower than i've ever seen it. This is at normal running temp, no visible oil leaks quite a hot day. Will check oil level when it cools down.

Should I be worried!

jasongroves, Jan 19, 4:16am
Hard to make any sort of assumptions until you have checked the oil level.

thebluboy, Jan 19, 5:30am
low on oil not even touching dipstick.Must be using a hell of alot of oil because i cant see any leaks. weird.

terckon, Jan 19, 7:44am
There are two reasons for a guage to read low oil pressure, 1 faulty guage, 2 low oil pressure. Check your oil level, if ok check oil pressure with a different guage and go from there.

mrfxit, Jan 19, 7:55am
There are several reasons & I have experenced the low pressure problem in a diesel Hilux because of low oil level.

tim8069, Jan 19, 7:56am
Quite common for the sender unit on the engine to fail on these, obviously really low oil could do it, as can really old, deteriorated oil. As can high engine heat

horsygirl, Jan 19, 8:47am
buy a longer dipstick.availible at Repco.

skin1235, Jan 19, 10:08pm
only 'using a hell of a lot of oil' if you have topped it up very recently, they are designed to use some, and eventually will run out if you forget to check it say every month or so, lol

1fordluva, Jan 19, 10:22pm
Not even on dipstick,so no oil,hence no pressure.the only pressure you will get soon is "bang" pressure when it blows up!
Put some oil in it!

mrfxit, Jan 19, 11:07pm
Buh . Bottom of stick to full mark is only about 1 litre.

I put 2 .5 litres in last time to get it to the bottom of the stick & another 1 litre to the full mark.

Why the oil lose happened to me was from a misjudged alteration to the breather system, (since corrected)

1fordluva, Jan 19, 11:10pm
Fair enough,but thoughts of hilux,s going forever ha ha you know what I mean.
If its not even touching the dipstick.how do they know how much oil is in it!

thebluboy, Jan 20, 4:43am
Topped the oil up and pressure back to normal. will be doing more regular oil checks from now on.

ema1, Jan 10, 2:17pm
A wise decision, doesn't take much to check it and top it up, even before asking the question!
Pure simple common sense and it comes under the title, Regular Maintenance.
Seen that same thing all too often when I was in the motortrade and I must admit a lot of "head shaking" in wonderment was done back then.
Good job it wasn't an aircraft you were dealing with isn't it!
Too damn late when the propeller stops going around especially when you are at several thousand feet altitude !

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