Worlds fastest Tank

nightboss, Jan 12, 8:46pm

richard198, Jan 12, 8:50pm
I was waiting for the tracks to move!
Bit of a let down really.

bitchwitattitud, Jan 12, 8:51pm
Thats just a rail dragster with a "Bodykit"

mugenb20b, Jan 12, 11:25pm
I agree with above posters ^^^^^^^^^.

db.price, Jan 13, 1:21am
I Guess the M1A1 is still the fastest main battle tank - that is actually a tank

bashfulbro, Jan 13, 2:29am
The French invented one during the 2nd world war,,,,,,,it had 1 forward gear, and 5 reverse gears, in case the enemy attacked from behind

howz_that, Jan 13, 3:25am
hey bashfulbro. I think thats a retreat class battle tank. Frenchies used it to great effect

toybox, Jan 13, 4:40am
learnt from WWI that it was better to run than fight

mugenb20b, Jan 13, 4:49am
Nope, M84AS (modified version of Russian T72) is the fastest, and they have a new one called M2001, but I have no info on it.

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