7 seater 4wds . !

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fatboyswife, Dec 6, 7:55am
Why are the hyundai tarracans so cheap!
We are looking at another 4wd 7 seater.We had an Isuzu bighorn previously which had the head go . not fun.We would rather pay a little bit extra and get something decent, but we still can't afford $40k on a vehicle.
Any suggestions would be appreciated

mugenb20b, Dec 6, 8:00am
They are!

mugenb20b, Dec 6, 8:01am
Neither can I. So my wife has decided to sacrifice the 4WD part and bought a decent 2WD 7 seater vehicle (several years ago).

n3d4sp3d, Dec 6, 8:04am
have a look at mitsi outlanders, the 2.4 vrx are good wagons full leather interior rockford fosgate sound system and they drive quite well to

fatboyswife, Dec 6, 8:07am
Compared to other 4wds, they seem to be.
I know the prados are well known and good vehicles but the older ones are worth more than newer tarracans .

fatboyswife, Dec 6, 8:08am
Hmm, I will have a look.I had a pajero a couple of years back and the head went on that too.Left a bit of a sour taste .

franc123, Dec 6, 8:10am
Second hand Hyundais are cheap because, despite significant quality gains in the last ten years they're still regarded as inferior to most of the Jap machinery and often when you go to trade a Hyundai/Kia/Ssangyong/Daewoo in on something else the dealer will look at you like something he has just scraped off the bottom of his white shoes and price your trade accordingly.The first thing you should ask yourself is do you really need 4WD and seven seats!As above a people mover style vehicle could suit better.

n3d4sp3d, Dec 6, 8:11am
i work at mitsi and have herd of no troubles with the outlander since they were released back in 06

fatboyswife, Dec 6, 8:12am
Would prefer a 4wd (we do live rurally and are farmers).We plan on doing long trips next year.
We currently have 4 children, and a people mover (which I don't like - a honda odyssey).

franc123, Dec 6, 8:17am
If much of your driving is open road I'd look at Ford Territory's, some models of those are 7 seat.The fuel economy isn't that bad unless you drive them hard, are comfortable and well equipped, and handle well too.No nasty RUC's or other diesel expenses to worry about either.

gadgit3, Dec 6, 8:22am
If the hyundai tarracan spins ya wheels you should get one. they are a very under rated car maker. Their diesel tech is coming leaps and bounds and their quality is very good for what your paying. Parts and servicing is not any different price wise to a Nissan or Toyota Mazda as an example.

a.woodrow, Dec 6, 11:52pm
what do you want to spend! 5k, 10k! 20k!

fatboyswife, Dec 7, 3:49am
$10 - $25k

merrigj, Dec 7, 5:12am
We looked terricans are they are gas guzzlers and the rear seats folded to the side not leaving much luggage space.

We ended up choosing the Holden Captiva as we got the 2.0 diesel and the rear seats folded down leaving heaps of room.Has been a great car so far and very safe with 8 airbags, ABS, DBS, traction control, anti roll control and automatically switches from 2wd to 4wd when required.Very cheap to run we average 10litres per 100km.

fatboyswife, Dec 7, 5:26am
They look nice . expensive though.

fordcrzy, Dec 7, 5:40am
7 seats/4wd/cheap on gas.
pick TWO out of the three you cant have all 3.the hyundais are the closest offering to that.i recommended one to my father in law and he now has a hyundai santa fe

fatboyswife, Dec 7, 6:26am
Ohh the santa fes look beautiful!
I think we'll have a look around for a while yet and see what we really want.Thank you for all of the suggestions :)

chickeee, Dec 7, 6:33am
We have just been through the same thing, we were looking at a pajero and a prado ended up coming home with a holden captive, i love it, so nice to drive and so far pretty good on gas.

vtecintegra, Dec 7, 6:37am
Thats about the same as a Terracan

fordcrzy, Dec 7, 7:01am
in other words "we got sucked in by holdens cutesie cutesie marketing"

chickeee, Dec 7, 7:34am
actually it had nothing to do with it being a holden at all (but i can see you have a obvious grudge against them).

It came down to a late model car in our price range, that felt safe and nice to drive, it was comfortable and not too big for my liking. Not all of us base our buying purchases on what badge is on the front of the car!

merrigj, Dec 7, 7:40am
No way is a Terreacan as cheap to run as a 2.0 turbo Diesel Captiva.That 10l/100km is around town and the Terracan is 16.4l/100km.


vtecintegra, Dec 7, 7:42am
You're comparing a petrol Terracan to a diesel Captiva

44.magnum, Dec 7, 7:45am
we have a prado and love it 8 seatter 1996 tx picked it up for 12k 160km on the clock and it is like new. ring a transmission shop and ask them no matter what make it is ask the people that work on them for a living they know all the bad bits. i wouldnt touch a mitsubishi at all trans mission issues as well as engine replacements. was your old bighorn a 3ltr diesel my dad will do exchange heads for about 1k

merrigj, Dec 7, 7:49am
Sorry didn't realise there was a diesel Terracan.