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scoobeey, Feb 14, 8:37am
Have a 2.8 hiace.Noticed engine when towing and very hot outside went a tad over the normal range just over half but never seen this high but def no where near red and put a cple of cups of water in this morning. should I get a pressure test or worrying for nothing cheers

franc123, Feb 14, 8:59am
It's something you need to get to the bottom of ASAP.Toyota L series (and the later KZ for that matter) diesels like overheating in the same way that chocolate does.The cylinder heads are notorious for cracking, the first step maybe would be to get the radiator taken out and professionally cleaned, or if necessary recored, and throw a new thermostat in.A check that the fan coupling is working properly would be a good idea.I will cross fingers for you that the head hasn't started to crack already.

scoobeey, Feb 14, 9:14am
cheers for that she had a new rad 4 yrs ago and done 360k. It has been making a loud whining noise when first starting sometimes ,

franc123, Feb 14, 10:08am
Any idea as to where the whining is coming from!Not the fan/alt belt loose or something stupid like that!

scoobeey, Feb 15, 7:23am
towed a trailer for an hr tonight and took cap off after the trip and reved up and water went down then up to top. waited for half an hr water was down and put in a cup full. pressure test in morn

intrade, Feb 15, 7:34am
harmonic ballancer pully split on them engines also

intrade, Feb 15, 7:36am
you taken the cap off when hot!
You should be burned by now from all the hot water splashing in to your face and downyour arms . if you opened it hot and it had no pressure then you got a leak somwhere. no1 reason for this is faulty pressure lid.

intrade, Feb 15, 7:39am
ps what you write here is perfectly normal all cars do this when you rev goes down means waterpump is working and when you idle it overflows when water expands from heat.
you should have antifreeze in there if we talk water. these enginescrack heads real easy from dirty water blocking the wrongly designed headsrear water gallery with crap. they never get hot when they crack the head either.

scoobeey, Feb 15, 7:44am
No I waited for half hr be4 takin cap off and replaced antifreeze every 3 yrs

intrade, Feb 15, 7:45am
check if the hoses are hard when it is hot. if not change radiator cap.
and check your main crank pulley is not split in 2 peaces.

intrade, Feb 15, 7:47am
there should also be a expansion bowl connected to overflow it be hidden somwhere rear of seats . that needs coolant in it also or it be sucking air all the time from there when it cools down.

scoobeey, Feb 15, 7:49am
ok cheers intrade

scoobeey, Feb 17, 4:47am
I noticed the hoses were not hard as when hot any ideas

intrade, Feb 17, 5:59am
hose not hard no pressure due to a leaking somwhere most likely the radiator cap buy a new one and see what happens. waterpump are other places cars that are maintained leak due to wear.

scoobeey, Feb 17, 6:10am
would that cap explain the water loss!

scoobeey, Feb 17, 6:15am
cant see any bubbles when slightly reving engine either

matarautrader, Feb 17, 8:51am
Sell it and buy a Mitsi ! They dont have all the problems those Toyota things do !.*** waits for intrade to reply !***

intrade, Feb 17, 9:04am
you lose water on a faulty cap and its a cheap fix to try 15$ at supersheep auto for newcap.

jmma, Feb 17, 9:43am
And tighten the fanbelt, whining noise is the fanbelt slipping

scoobeey, Feb 17, 10:40am
Cheers will be an easy fixcross fingers :)

scoobeey, Feb 25, 9:05am
UPDATE:Had pressure test all ok.Found leaking top rad hose.off I go towing loaded and gauge neally up to 3/4 so down the hill and home only way.Took thermostat out and tested closed Yay. Off again up to same temp on same hill so off home again no use keeping going on a small hill when there are bigger hills to FRY lol.Now Question is the head cracked and how do you testCheers for the help.

scoobeey, Feb 25, 8:38pm
just put in half litre so doesnt look good.Maybe lookin at replacement engine 5k drive in drive out.Hey shes done half mill and done some heavy work in the last 14 yrs lol

intrade, Feb 25, 8:44pm
if head is cracked it wont run right you will hear it run rough like missing out exhaust and then when crack gets largerwater vapour white smoke out the tailpipe. or you get gubgy white cream in your oil under oil fillercap for example.

scoobeey, Feb 25, 8:50pm
Runnin sweet still! just heats up when loaded and uses water now .Starts well no sign of water in oilany ideasthanks intrade!

intrade, Feb 25, 8:52pm
did you do another pressure test after change of top hose! fitting a newengine to exsiting coolant problems is a bad idea to start with.

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