Ignition broken?

holdenm4n, Jun 27, 12:42am
So here it is, I went to start my Holden vs executive, turned the key but the car wouldn't start.got the power part where light show up on dash, but not the the final part turn to start the motor. Now the ignition won't turn off, the key turns but nothing happens. Any advice be greatly appreciated

bentcoupe, Jun 27, 12:50am
put it in park!

bentcoupe, Jun 27, 12:51am
or neutral

holdenm4n, Jun 27, 12:55am
wishing it was that easy, the problem is that I can't turn off the ignition.or turn on the car, the key turns freely in the ignition without doing anything if you get what I mean

marmatt, Jun 27, 1:02am
the back of the keyin the swith is broken offtake off all plastis adn get into the back of ityou will need to leave the keyin it to keep steering lock offand use a srew driver to turn it right off or start itholden do have the new parts

holdenm4n, Jun 27, 1:06am
cool as.thanks for the advice.will try that. fingers crossed.heh

marmatt, Jun 27, 1:17am
had the same thinghappentoatll cost to fix if you carnt do it your self could be 300at most as the have to do new waifers for the key

strobo, Jun 27, 1:34am

holdenm4n, Jun 27, 3:57am
awesome thanks marmatt.car is now going. it was that part that had snapped.

marmatt, Jun 27, 6:17am
just be carefull of the steering lock ,

dent, Jun 27, 7:03am
quite common on the commodores. Holden or a locksmith oftern have the kits in stock for the ignition barrel.

holdenm4n, Aug 4, 8:10pm
just rung the wreckers to price up another barrell etc. $125. Then thought i'd ring the holden dealer and those kits are only $84.cheers guys for your advice made my day!