fish_n_doodles, Jun 11, 6:57am
I can take my key out of my ignition while im driving and its easy to start without the key,
Who do i go see!

intrade, Jun 11, 7:01am
dont know a locksmiss but i doubt they can fix it you will end up with a new lock and nother key or use a steering wheel locking brace thingy.

unclejake, Jun 11, 7:16am
Spray the keyhole with CRC and drag the key in and out heaps of times. Wipe the key clean and repeat.

You might fix it that way as the tumbler pins are probably fouled up with gunk

toxicgreen., Jun 11, 8:55am
CRC is just a short term fix,CRC is a lite oil and will attract dust an turn that to gummy gunk real fast.Yeah free it up with CRC then brake cleaner. All cheep fixes,, mite actually be just worn out. Go to a car wrecker.get replacement.

unclejake, Jun 4, 5:41pm
Are you advising the OP to go and buy a replacement ignition barrel!