Aftermarket Ignition leads?

debulebule, Jun 10, 6:20am
Any point in adding them to my car! Please don't go ahead and tell me that "the Toyota factory spent millions developing the car so why would you bother". Because I'm considering TRD leads, which considering it's Toyota's performance brand, I'm thinking their parts might actually do some justice to the engine. Or am i just being a big silly!

Any help appreciated.


m16d, Jun 10, 6:52am
Repco or Supercheap.

xacoon, Jun 10, 7:06am
long story short yes they are worth getting. any leads will be better than old leads anyway, but plenty of choice in the aftermarket sector.

debulebule, Jun 10, 10:08am
I'm seeing so many brands around. Can anyone recommend anything! Splitfires! Magnecor! Top Gun! Or just NGK! Anyone using these! :)

jasongroves, May 28, 3:46pm
Any name brand 8mm or thicker leads will be fine.
I wouldn't be buying TRD leads unless you have money to burn.
I can't imagine them made in-house anyway.
Having good leads is a great idea, but spending more than you have to isn't justified in my opinion.
I'm interested to know what sort of car for curiosities sake!