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jezz43, May 13, 7:43pm
recently bought a VT commodore about 5 weeks ago. had a small shudder in the steering wheel which has turned out to be warped rotors. i have bought this to the car yard i purchased it froms attention 3 times and am still waiting for something to be done. over the last few days it has progressively gotten worse tot he point where it sounds like metal grinding on metal. so i rang him yesterday and told him to fix it now. the reply i got back was "how many KMs have you done since purchasing vehicle" which i replied 5000. now hes trying to tell me that because his wife never passed on the message about it before and that the ammount of Kms ive done that its a wearable part and isnt under his warranty. he also said it never came up on his WoF sheet when it went thru just before sale. so my question is, who has to foot the bill!

pfemstn, May 13, 7:56pm
sorry mate you do!get it fixed SAPsafety issue now

jezz43, May 13, 7:59pm
the car isnt being driven till its fixed, i just dont see why i should pay for it when it was a fault from day 1 which was bought to their attention. it took him 4 weeks to replace a bloody window switch in the damn centre console.

rpvr, May 13, 8:05pm
Dealers have to provide a car that is fit for purpose. You have done your bitby notifying him of the problem and giving him a chance to rectify it. I would want it fixed for my own safety, so what I would do is get the rotors replaced, pay for the job, then forward the account with a written request that you be reimbursed. If he declines, take it to the disputes tribunal. By not even considering your complaint and looking at the problem before declining responsibility, he has seriously affected his chances of winning in any disputes hearing. He has a duty of care. Good luck.

jezz43, May 13, 8:11pm
already looked into rotors, they are around $290 a set including pads. but the fact remains that i shouldnt have to pay for it i think. now hes just stuffing me around again. he mentioned getting the rotors skimmed and new pads to be fitted, but he wants me to pay for the pads as they arent covered by his warranty. the problem i have with this guy is, he sends broken vehicles to his mechanic who identifies the issue, then he attempts to fix it himself when he has no idea what hes doing. he spent an hour trying to start a mazda familia 3 weeks ago which he was positive it had a fuel issue. the coil lead wasnt connected. once i pointed it out to him, it ran fine. the guy is a moron

pandai, May 13, 8:14pm
Lesson of the day: Don't buy a car from a moron!

jason18, May 13, 8:27pm
Scraping on pads might just be the indicator on the pads saying they are getting low. I think if its up to him to fix he can just opt to get them skimmed.

guider1, May 13, 9:24pm
If I were you i'd offer to buy new pads if he replaces the discs because he'll fit the cheapest junk pads available anyway, & if he does opt to skim the discs make sure you get them measured by someone who knows what they're doing straight after. Sounds to me like he's an idiot anyway, so he'll more than likely do it on the cheap. If they measure under the minimum then report him to LTSA & take his sorry ass to court; it may even affect his dealers licence, ie selling cars with mechanical defects & not repairing to wof standard. Not all, but alot of dealers will always take the cheap way out regardless.

gofer0007, May 13, 9:29pm
Car dealers are like dairy owners.They mearly buy and sell with out any particulr skill needed. This is not a dig at them but an obvious fact! Its the nature of the game. If the milk is off when you buy it, take it back and they would surly sort it out.If the discs were an issue from the start and it was mentioned then they should sort it.Maybe not replace it as skimming is very effective. How it works out for both.

guider1, May 13, 9:49pm
Actually. get them measured now by an independent party. If they're under now you've got him screwed. New wof + undersize discs = disaster for the wof inspector for a start. Alot of caryards have a particular wof inspector that they always use because he lets the odd thing slide because the dealer doesnt want to spend money on the vehicle. If they measure under then play hardball. let him know you'll be going to report him & his buddy wof friend to LTSA. I wouldnt mind betting they will sort it out, if not report them both. Too many dodgey dealers in the industry now.
As for skimming discs. alot of times it's cheaper to replace them anyway. Also once skimmed the disc is thinner & will warp easier next time it gets a hammering. I never bother getting them skimmed, just throw them in the bin & replace them. Less hassle & you have a disc that is the correct thickness.

johnf_456, May 13, 9:52pm
LTSA whats that I think you mean NZTA.

guider1, May 13, 9:54pm
Yeah. that's the one. What he said.^^^^

rpvr, May 13, 11:45pm
I disagree - he has asked the dealer to rectify the problem and the dealer has in fact told him to go way. He was given the opportunity to examine the car, if he did not say at that point "bring it around and I'll have a look" he had declined his opportunity. You have to give him the opportunity, correct. But you only have to give it once, you don't have to keep going back begging for his attention.

paul271, May 13, 11:48pm
Sorry, cant agree with you on that one, how do you measure a disc when its still on the car while doing a warrant! Its a visual inspection only, it would have to be blatantly undersize for it to be noticable.

johnf_456, May 14, 12:21am
Well said kaz

crzyhrse, May 14, 12:33am
He need only give the dealer the first option of refusal to repair - then he can pay to have it done at his own cost and seek to recover that cost from the dealer, so he's not without a vehicle at all.

crzyhrse, May 14, 12:35am
No, it must be done in a reasonable time. Waiting weeks for a simple brake job is not reasonable and the MVDT will see that after the customer simply collects the vehicle and has it done the next day at his own expense and seeks to recover that cost through the MVDT. Stalling tactics don't work with informed people.

crzyhrse, May 14, 12:38am
You're jumping the gun there. There's no law that says that the customer has to accept any solution you decide to offer.

crzyhrse, May 14, 12:42am
Try $51.11.

elect70, May 14, 12:44am
!$50 to skim Or $240 new discs (BNT) bloody big difference in price . Also you never picked up the shudder at test drive or immediatley after purchaseso its happened since . Cant see how dealer is responsible , its service item .

scotthurst01, May 14, 1:02am
5000km on a vehicle with brakes that are like that!

I wouldn't even drive it 50km if it was that bad, otherwise, you're just making the situation worse, you should have gone straight back to the dealer as soon as you drove it down the road, when you first left the yard, if it was a problem from the start.

Although, you should have noticed it on a test drive.

crzyhrse, May 14, 1:38am
Yes, he can.

crzyhrse, May 14, 1:41am
I've already outlined the fact that he first needs to give the dealer the opportunity to refuse, as have others. Yes, that would require an inspection.

What he doesn't need to do is accept any solution offered.

crzyhrse, May 14, 2:06am
He'd be wise to get that refusal in writing.

johnf_456, May 14, 4:53am
Why are you quoting me! I just said its NZTA not ltsa.

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