Ignition leads, which is best?

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dave653, May 7, 4:57am
Just started playing with different ignitions on the ol' 179, replaced the Mallorytwin point and Taylor leads with VK electronic dizzy with Top Gun leads. The leads are grey, not very nice, what brand would you fullas recommend, as I want a nicer colour I may as well buy the best available. Just don't tell the missus!

xacoon, May 7, 5:13am
Im using splitfire which are great, have a set of black 8mm top gun leads which i am happy with, also running champion, which are a bit tired so shouldnt judge. have a set of yellow 8mm taylors, worst leads I have ever owned

dave653, May 7, 5:30am
Really! I swapped from Mallory copper to the Taylor SpiroPro and noticed a seat of the pants difference. increase. Going to get better, just want to save money by getting the best first.

dave653, May 8, 7:13am
Anyone else!

m16d, May 8, 7:46am
I like Repco red ones.

cuda.340, May 8, 9:07am
i ran Top Gun leads on my racecar well into the 9 sec bracket. they're good leads, nothing wrong with them. if you want pretty leads they might not perform as good as the Top Guns. my ign was rated at 80k volts & the leads performed flawlesly.

dave653, May 9, 4:52am
Thanks Reb, bit of colour coding doesn't hurt, just keen on getting it right the first time. 80K. what did that consist of!

cuda.340, May 9, 6:51am
a true Capacitive Discharge Ignition. put you hand anywhere near the remote capacitor made the hairs on your arm stand up. i'd hate to think what wet hands would do if you touched it.

xacoon, May 9, 7:07am
yep they were mud. used them for a week and got rid of them. best resistance wise I have ever used are the splitfires. barely any resistance at all. edit to add, how poked were the mallorys, that may explain a bit!

stevo2, May 9, 7:39am
Im running a set of "Nology Hotwires" handmade in USA. Built in capacitors.
Cheers Stevo

ola_bitchola1, May 9, 7:46am
i ran a set of 10mm custom made topgun leads on my severely worked 2L pinto with the msd ignition was extremely good mine were blue however

dave653, May 11, 2:27am
Dunno if they were poked or not, had to change them as they interferred with my alarm.

321mat, May 11, 2:31am
So, Mallory are rubbish and Taylor SpiroPro are better!

321mat, May 11, 2:32am
Are Top Gun leads the way to go!
and, if so, where can I buy them!

cuda.340, May 11, 2:38am
top Gunn are ok as far as quality leads go, there are better but you're paying a lot more. bang for buck Top Gunns are ok.

321mat, May 11, 2:53am
What do you recommend as being the best!

dave653, May 11, 3:41am
I wouldn't say that, I noticed a difference when I had to change from Mallory to keep my alarm happy.

johnf_456, May 11, 3:45am
I have alway used champion in pretty much most things and they haven't really given me any issues at all.

dave653, May 12, 2:07am
I've just bought a book on biulding ignition systems. might learn something!

hijacka, May 12, 2:36am
Coil over plug is best, They don't call it wasted spark for nothing.
But anyway, why not get bosch blue racing leads if your after another colour! you should find them quite reasonably priced at super cheap and will be effiecent enough for your application.

sr2, May 12, 6:00am
Wasted spark is when the plug fires on exhaust stroke as well, you can run it with a coil over plug or with remote coils.

321mat, May 13, 1:20am
I've always found Bosch products to be a bit hit and miss.

dave653, May 13, 2:07am
We have bosch stuff on the VN, still quite new so haven't noticed any issues yet. I'm waiting for the book to arrive and go from there.

smilie13, May 13, 8:40am
nice silver or blue braided ones with the red connectors. now run nitrus

guider1, May 13, 10:00pm
If you have a spare 5 hundy you could run a set of Taylor 409's. by far the best lead & normally found on any decent race motor owned by someone who doesnt mind spending money on quality. especially when running an 80000 volt ignition along with nitrous, high cylinder pressures due to lots of compression or boost of any sort; a misfire of any sort = disaster.