jono2912, May 2, 7:58am
Hey guys, I have an ignition from a 91 Liteace that can be started with anything, even a coin. You only have to turn it, you don't have to put anything in it.

Can this be fixed! Isn't very easy trying to find a new one.

richard198, May 2, 8:03am
You could wire up a remote switch but you'd lose the steering lock.
Alternatively, wire in a kill switch under the dash etc.

jono2912, May 4, 4:21am
Yeah, could do, but would rather get it back to working order.

skin1235, May 4, 8:43am
remove the barrel, clean and lube all parts, commonly the slugss get corroded into the position of the key and so stay in unlocked condition when the key is removed
note though that when you disassemble it there are 2 slugs in each pin hole, and they have to be reassembled to match the key ( so the split between each slug lines up with the split between the housing and the barrell - otherwise it cannot turn
note also that no matter how hard you try to keep them in order sometime during the night a stray cat will upset the lot onto the floor, and you will need to make a couple more from 2mm brazing rod, plus it will take an hour of concentration and trials before you will get the thing to work as it should
but it will work okay eventually

skin1235, Jan 12, 6:11pm
or give it liberal doses of crc each day for the next week, and work the hell out of the key each time
may free them up and at least give you some sense of security again

generally theyr'e as dry as a cuns nunt, all they need is lube