95 nissan terrano wont start

blurple1, Apr 26, 2:27am
battery had plenty of juice, just had glow plugs done about a month ago, wouldnt turn over but then did but next day wouldnt, would this be starter motor!

intrade, Apr 26, 4:14am
well if its the starter motor then it wont turn over the engine. logically
diesel only dont start if they get air in the fuel ifthe engine cranks and if the glowplugs dont work then at some time of cranking over white smoke would exit the exhaust and it would try to fire .etc

blurple1, Apr 26, 4:14am
sure have neighbour thinks its a dodge wire some where not connecting bloody frustrating

bigfatmat1, Apr 26, 4:44am
Sounds like ya starter playing up. I would check the small push on wire on starter thats the only place ya going to get a loose connection. The solenoids on these play up quite a bit I would replace if the starter was off regardless if it was just out of brushes. As the solenoids are non servicable.

blurple1, Apr 26, 4:48am
awesome thanks mate is off to auto electricians tomorrow

intrade, Apr 26, 4:52am
one other reson can be a faulty fuelcut silanoid but it would crank then with no smoke.

blurple1, Apr 26, 4:54am
it turns over lots of un burnt fuel comes out just needs that ummph lol

blurple1, Apr 26, 5:18am
hey guys found a big red wire loose at top of wires going down to starter any ideas where this connects too

tnt423, Apr 26, 5:42am
Hope it's not the same problem my mate had, 5grand to fix, apparently they have a common electrical fault.

blurple1, Apr 26, 5:47am
its all good is wire that goes to glow plugs must have come loose

blurple1, Dec 13, 11:09pm
where can i view a diagrapm to see how its meant to be