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bjdw, Apr 5, 1:46am
pads! Got my warrant about a month ago and one side is down to the metal after less than 1000km.Also is it normal for one side to wear more than the other!The drivers side is completely worn inside and out but the passenger side has about 4mm left on each pad.

morrisman1, Apr 5, 1:48am
not that Im aware of but if they can see them without disassembly then they should check them

pandai, Apr 5, 1:50am

They usually just check that they work, not for pad/lining life.A proper inspection will require removal of a wheel (and/or more), which is beyond the scope of a WOF inspection.

johnf_456, Apr 5, 1:57am
Correct as per post 2 and 3, a wof inspection is strictly a visual only inspection they are not allowed dismantle anything for inspection. Also a wof is not a guarantee a vehicle will be safe for the next 6 months, simply put it only means it was okay on that day nothing less.It is the owners full responsibility to make sure a vehicle is up to standard at all times.

bjdw, Apr 5, 2:00am
Okay, thanks. So is the pads wearing differently on the drivers side than the passenger side an issue or is it normal!

morrisman1, Apr 5, 2:07am
could be different pads installed, unless you installed those pads then you will never know.

Ensure that the brake rotor is not scored from the pad being down to the metal either. Rotors aren't usually ridiculously expensive so it may be worth replacing that too. I know Ill be replacing my rotors when I next have to replace brake pads.

bjdw, Apr 5, 2:12am
I changed them last time and did change the full set.The rotors are fine. I only done a few k's after I heard it start scraping.Funny thing is that the little noise maker tab thing that warns you was snapped off. I never heard it squealling at all.

ct9a, Apr 5, 2:16am
as part of a inspection we AVI are required to check brakes

including thickness

if an inspector on here does not perhaps ask peter on your next visit

pollymay, Apr 5, 3:49am
You might have a sticky caliper, I'd rebuild those brakes to be honest. The kits for most cars are dirt cheap and it's half a day and 3 beers work to do it. You use excessive fuel with sticky calipers as well

bjdw, Apr 5, 4:27am
Would you do the pistons or just the seals!Might be something for me to do on Easter weekend.

mecanix, Apr 5, 4:53am
we are required to inspect the linings if we can see them.

A wof is a snapshot of the car taken on the day of inspection.

johnf_456, Apr 5, 4:59am
Yes but remember visual only, if the wheel has to come off etc they cannot be inspected. But depending on the car not all cars you can see the pads clear enough even with the wheel off to get a full idea. But its only on what we can see "visual only", if we can't see them its a pass provided the brakes work properly.

1ollie, Apr 5, 5:01am
My old Astina failed on brake pads to low at its wof check last month at VTNZ so yes they do!

xacoon, Apr 5, 5:22am
yep had a landcruiser this happened to. pad wear indicators were bent, couldnt hear a thing until one of the pads spat out and put a calliper piston through the rotor, wof was all of a week old. wear on those pads was funny too, left hand side was worn to the backing plate while the right hand side still had 5 or 6 mm. NOMG told me it was because there was more crap picked up on the left hand side of the road, dust etc so the pads wore quicker on that side. which I found interesting given that most of its driving was on gravel or offroad.

ct9a, Apr 5, 5:49am
generaly also if they are not visible,when in the air and spin the wheelyou can hear wear tag or steel on steel noise.

johnf_456, Apr 5, 5:50am
Yup, well we have to spin the wheels to listen for bearing play / noise so you would probably hear it then.

pollymay, Apr 5, 5:56am
Depends on what the pistons looked like, I start with seals and if I find rust then I sand it smooth enough to work for a bit while I get pistons.

phalanax, Apr 5, 9:46am
Generally (in my opinion a wof inspector should check pad thickness .its not too difficult to do with a torch and mirror.also visualthe disc for grooving and in particular excessive wear.But in reality there are some mickey mouse club members at for the uneven wear right /left could be a line pressure imbalance. or.someones done half a brake job in the past. or the caliper pistons not actuating correctly or leaking.(which should have been noticed by the wof inspector).

franc123, Apr 5, 10:20am
Mickey mouse club members!We refer to them as negligent vehicle owners, if you want a comprehensive check of your brakes, pay for one, its called preventative maintenance and servicing, its kind of difficult to do in the ten minutes that most people think it takes to complete a wof check.Would you also like your oil changed, ashtray emptied, tyre pressures checked and a full groom included in the cost of your WOF!

johnf_456, Apr 5, 10:30am
+1 What next with these people

jason18, Apr 5, 8:39pm
Coffee too please :P

mr_lovebug, Apr 5, 10:05pm
Not read whole thread,

I was warned that pads was low when they looked with the spot light.

Changed them a month or two later & found that I only had 2mm on one & 5mms on others,was glad not to skim the disc.

Disc's was 100% fine with NO wear & it's cos WOF let me know that my pads was getting low.

franc123, Apr 6, 12:30am
lol, have any of you ever had a vehicle towed/pushed into the shop with a broken timing belt or badly blown head gasket and had the muppet "steerer" behind the wheel say to you after you give them the good news "But it only had a WOF last week, why has this happened!!".I have, for a moment you don't know whether to piss yourself laughing or run out screaming at the level of ignorance out there.

xacoon, Apr 6, 5:58am
usually I am a fan of your work, but I do think brakes are the one thing that should be more seriously looked at in a wof, I have had a big let go with brakes in a work vehicle because the pads were rooted a week after a wof, and it got me wondering why things like that arent checked. in my case the wear indicator didnt work, and reading this thread it seems I am not alone with this happeneing.
its funny, I spend a lot of time working on my vehicles, and it is one thing I rarely check is pad thickness. so those who just have a vehicle to get them from a to b, it will be the last thing on their minds. yet realistically it is one of the most important safety features on a vehicle! most vehicles could be checked with a mirror and torch couldnt they!

iginoi, Apr 6, 6:18am
+1. No. All the AVI is required to check is that the brakes are pulling up even, that the rubber brake hoses aren't swelling under pressure and that there are no fluid leaks. Pad wear is driver responsibility and you can get a rough idea by checking the brake fluid level (in some cars the handbrake light stays on when the fluid's low)
Re: uneven pad wear, if the brakes are within WOF tolerances i.e. working evenly during a brake test, I would replace the pads as a set, measure both disc thicknesses and check that the caliper pistons are moving in and out freely.
If you need to change anything on one side, it's safe practice to do the same to the other side.

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