Pin holes in the fuel tank!

sandyelmo, Apr 5, 12:26am
I have a xf ute that I am restoring and I removed the fuel tank on the weekend to rust kill under the deck, as i wire brushed the fuel tank I have noticed a few pin holes on the bottom, any suggestions for the best way to fix this,

clark20, Apr 5, 12:28am
Yes,get a new (2nd hand) tank, if it is thin enough for pinholes the rest won't be good

thejazzpianoma, Apr 5, 12:32am
+1 Given what it is surely there are loads of good tanks around for next to nothing. Could be well worth using a good fuel tank sealer before you put the replacement in too, especially if its been sitting a while. Do it while the tank is out so you can slosh it around easily. or POR15 probably have a really good tank sealer.

sandyelmo, Apr 5, 12:43am
Oh ok thanks guys the rest of the tank seems fine, it was bubbled rest spots that turned into pinholes when I wire brushed it, will the tank sealer not seal the pin holes!

bigfatmat1, Apr 5, 5:42am
vent the tank clean it prep the surface get the gas torch out solder it and use a tank sealer. This is how the radiator place did myne

fordcrzy, Apr 5, 7:04am
you can get a tank liner paint stuff for motorbike tanks that you put inside the tank and slosh it around and it forms a skin on the inside of the tank and seals it.

unideck, Apr 5, 9:20am
Its called Kreem but not a cheap option. If $$$ is an issue then Devcon have a top of the range product, its 2k and once set its totally permanent ie you will need a grinder to shape it ;)

Probably best way is to just grab a secondhand one as above.

roys351, Apr 5, 9:34am
good luck finding a good tank for a xf ute try xh xg at least they are a bit newer

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