Looking for new vehicle

kaspas, Apr 2, 9:12pm
Am looking at getting a new vehicle needs to be a seven seater looking at somthing like nissan mistrail or the likes im a portable sawmiller so need somthing that can go a few places also tow boat and cart family aroundcurrently have an estima thats getting past its used by date budget of around 3 grand not expecting a rolls royce but sumthing mechanicly soundsuggestions welcome and apreciated,no multiplas tho hehehe

thejazzpianoma, Apr 2, 9:25pm
No Multipla's but will look at a Mistral. good on ya!
Multipla is no good for going bush anyway.

Avoid the Mistral, they are horrible.

For 3 Grand you are going to be pushing it to get anything 4WD thats not just going to cost you a disproportionate amount to keep on the road. This may be one of those times where putting a few grand on finance to increase the budget actually makes economic sense.

Unless the boat is like 2 Tonnes I would be adding to the budget and getting an XC70 for around 7K that was perhaps well used but also well looked after. Assuming its got enough ground clearance.

kaspas, Apr 2, 9:46pm
its only small boat ,14 foot alloy /isuzu bighorn is another 1 im looking at,

thejazzpianoma, Apr 2, 9:49pm
Anything will tow a 14ft Alloy so you are pretty safe to leave that out of the equation for the moment. How much ground clearance are you needing. are we talking gravel roads or driving through rutted up forest/paddocks and over fallen branches etc.

kaspas, Apr 2, 9:50pm
mostly paddocks / rutted tracks and the likes

thejazzpianoma, Apr 2, 9:50pm
Have you driven one!
They look the business and like lots of car for the money but they are horrible slow things to live with in my experience. Are you going to be travelling a big distance from home in it for your work!

kaspas, Apr 2, 9:52pm
i see alot on here around my price range thats why im asking/ all feedback/opinions are apreciated

kaspas, Apr 2, 9:53pm
drive average of 100 ks per day somtimes more

thejazzpianoma, Apr 2, 9:59pm
I think taking one for a drive is a good start. I used to have a bit to do with a car rental company and they despised their one and none of the staff enjoyed driving it. I don't think they got a very good run out of it reliability wise either, but thats too smaller sample to go on so see what those who know more about them say.

I would suggest since you really need a whole lot of vehicle for next to nothing that you start researching the left field "outside the box" options. I don't know much about the bigger 4WD's but suspect there are a lot of underpriced unsung gems if the rest of the Kiwi car market is anything to go by.

Personally though, if the ground clearance is high enough I would totally be spending a fraction more and going XC70, the running costs comfort and safety are going to be well worth it.

BTW, with those sorts of km's running costs are going to be quite a factor. I would be taking into account the cost and frequency of oil changes as well as fuel consumption. Some of those 4x4 old school diesels are going to need 4-5 expensive oil changes a year with your milage.

Anyhow, I'll buzz off now and let someone else get a wordin!

Good luck.

phillip.weston, Apr 2, 11:14pm
the Mistral is small and cramped inside, I wouldn't call it a good family car at all.

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