Motor way on ramps lights

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dlegg, Mar 25, 5:19am
Are a waste of time and absolutley hopeless, they cause ,more problems than they solve

chris_051, Mar 25, 5:50am
No they don't, people cant merge, that is why we need them. Open the onramps to a busy flowing motorway and it will bring the motorway to a crawl, like I saw at Highbrook Dr last night.

dlegg, Mar 25, 5:59am
Any competent driver can merge, in my observation they cause more problems than they solve, look at the Greenlane intersection where they cause major problems!

craig04, Mar 25, 6:05am
All they do is move the bottleneck

dunbar01, Mar 25, 6:19am
The only reason these were installed is because of those who just don't know, or don't care about merging.

I hate them, and depending on the motorway condition, if it's flowing I run it. If it's crawling, I abide by them.

xs1100, Mar 25, 6:23am
personally i feel they were dreant up by some public servant wanting to justify their job for a year and so came up with this idea.which is why i ignore them every chance i get.there is actually a report out on them stating that they do absolutely nothing to resolve congestion but as i say that would mean someone in the public service having to admit they were wrong

socram, Mar 25, 6:34am
If people can't merge without the lights, starting from rest isn't going to help!

It would help if people in the right hand lanes weren't so damn slow, forcing overtaking traffic into the left lanes, which should be the slowest, not the fastest.

Getting on at Takanini means startinbg from zero, on an uphill bend into just two lanes of traffic. So unles you have a Ferrari, you are unlikely to merge anyway.

Quite what the logic is at Takapuna North or Hobson St South is beyond me as there is a dedicated/new lane, so merging is not the issue.

aragorn2003, Mar 25, 6:39am
Its to slow down the jam of the motorway which is does to a point until there is way to much traffic for the lights to thin out in 10 second bursts.which it then trails it back onto the main roads etc.

They aren't there to help people merge , even though that is one of the big contributors to clogged up traffic , idiots under taking merging cars to get 2 cars ahead etc etc

iginoi, Mar 25, 7:16am
They make rush-hour driving even funnier!

gav-deb, Mar 25, 7:44am
When I used one of these last weekend (I'm from Wellington) it was awesome! A drag race from EVERY set of lights! :D

cuda.340, Mar 25, 9:40am
they're great, you come up on pole, you stage, the lights turn green, you floor it. it's the best part of the day, imagine how boring merging into rush hour traffic would be without it!, Mar 25, 4:42pm
exactly try getting on the bridge on wellington st after work

whqqsh, Mar 25, 4:57pm
I agree they filter traffic on BUT it defeats the point of an 'on ramp' that is supposed to be used to speed match the traffic flow. Ive noticed lately, even more than before, people crawling down onramps then trying to merge doing 50kph even when the onramp is clear & the motorway flowing. Also amazes me why many put the brakes on & slow when entering an off ramp, again it is there to adjust between motorway & normal road speeds, yet many feel the need to brake & at times heavily on the motorway as soon as they even contemplate using an off ramp!

johnf_456, Mar 25, 7:13pm
Well said, that annoys me to people slowing before they exit and the motorway and take the on ramp.

resolutionx, Mar 28, 4:04am
Agreed. Easy to see when they don't operate these waste of time devices during peak time. I h@te em grrrr

pollymay, Mar 28, 4:37am
I lost my wick in auckland the other day at those lights. I turned into a ramp with those lights and took the lane that no one was in (people are sheep and sit in one lane for some reason) and a guy overtook between me and the other lane and then pulled all the way up to the lights then stopped, this was in the pouring rain and I could feel the ABS working hard.

I took off and he up the road blocked me from getting to my offramp cause he wouldn't pull forward to let me pull into the road cause he was on the cellphone. He was the picture of the auckland dickhead, I was ready to plough through his ford explorer that has never even seen grass.

_peas, Mar 28, 4:43am
The other aspect about on ramps is that traffic on the motorway already seems to fail to move to the right to allow the new traffic on and thus slowing the left lane. which slows the middle lane as people try to get out of the slow left lane. which slows the right lane as. you get the drift.This is particulary evident around Albany.I got the evilest look from some tool in his commondore who despite me fast running out of merge lane thought it was great to match my speed and not move over to the two fairly empty lanes to his right.

richms, Mar 28, 5:36am
It makes it better for people travailing in further on the motorway, and the added delay in getting on make people misusing the motorway for short journeys reconsider their route. Big win all round I think.

ruki1, Mar 28, 5:45am
Right on the button Often its the only clear patch of road for miles so I excuse the imbecile who put them there when I get to drag away. They could have a better stack oflights though.And its one of the few places on Auckland streets where you can legally go from zero to 100k back to zero in 50 metres.

johnf_456, Mar 28, 6:14am
Why not just slow and pop in behind to go with the flow. I hate it when we people can't merge and I have to slow.

johnf_456, Mar 28, 6:16am
Not fully legal, you can get done for excessive accerlation especialy if you loose traction.

aktow, Mar 28, 3:09pm
your right, every night i go past green lane and cars are stopped on the roundabout. all direction the cars are backed up. i never stop for the lights. i just go threw them,

cuda.340, Mar 28, 5:06pm
geez john you're a nana. how can a cop get you for excessive acceleration on an on-ramp! they'd have to be on the ramp themselves & that would cause a bottleneck of it's own. why do you have to be so GD negative all the time!

johnf_456, Mar 28, 8:07pm
In auckland they often watch the motorway on ramps park just around the side, I see it daily driving around auckland. The truth is the truth.

aktow, Mar 30, 1:14pm
stop dreaming,, you can take off as fast as you like as long as your wheels do not lose traction or you go over the speed limit. i have never seem a cop sitting by a on ramp watching for excessive acceleration,there is no where for them to sit on the auckland motorwayby a on ramp. i see so many people using the lights as drags lights and take off as fast as possible. i occasionally go out in a friends tow truck and when he is on motorway duty ,,we cruise up and downthe motorway all day. we hardly ever see the cops,