How to clean out Diesel tank on a Mistral 4x4

davidbird, Feb 16, 12:44am
Its time to save money and fix my truck myself but need some help with Diesel tank.

All advice will be helpful

electro2000, Feb 16, 1:19am
they have a drain plug on them , slide under and undo the drain plug and drain it
lift up the carpetright in the back you will see a black plate with 4bolts undo that under that is the top of the tank with whole lot of 6mm bolts you can remove the rubber pipesand un plug electrical connectorremove that plate that allows you to look in ,reach in etc to get rid of anyrubbish in there

mugenb20b, Feb 16, 5:17am
What's wrong with it!

mileyfan73, Feb 16, 5:21am
Set fire to the whole vehicle.Problem solved.before something else craps out.

intrade, Feb 16, 5:22am
you better tell us more like why you want to clean the tank! as your unlikely got dirt in the tank you probably have a rooted injector pump seal = air in system from there and no blocking of the fuel line in tank.
please explain why and we can assist you better then.

intrade, Feb 16, 5:22am
its not a mitsubishi so no need to do that just now

mileyfan73, Feb 16, 5:29am
True,but they are renowned for numerous annoying faults.The diesel pumps fail with alarming regularity,as does the drivers window switch.They often vibrate like a massage chair at idle,and their factory stereos are there for decoration purposes only.Guess some people love them though.

mugenb20b, Feb 16, 5:31am
Yeah, we have two here that come in regularly with different problems each time. TD27 engine is bloody brilliant, but the rest of it is a heap of shit.

usdefault, Feb 16, 5:44am
Someone put petrol in it.

intrade, Feb 16, 5:48am
are you poster 1! or was that a question!

mugenb20b, Feb 16, 8:26am
usdefault = male_timaru

usdefault, Feb 16, 9:49am
mugenb20b = turdburgling cross dresser

davidbird, Feb 16, 9:54am
has far as i know it has a bag i have to change filter 2-3 times a month.

mugenb20b, Feb 16, 6:16pm
What do you mean by a "bag"!

bill-robinson, Feb 16, 8:38pm
I would change the place I buy my fuel if I was you.

davidbird, Feb 16, 11:02pm

tnt423, Feb 17, 12:43am
Are you talking about diesel bug! if you are once everything is cleaned out including all the diesel lines, new filters, run some Wynns EDT and keep the tank full, it help stops the bug coming back, there may also be amesh gauze filter on the pump.

mrcat1, Feb 17, 2:14am
Just drop the plug and drain the water it has in the tank, how are you getting water into the tank! have you a leaking fuel cap!

mugenb20b, Feb 17, 6:04am
Are you using farm diesel, or from the servo!

mugenb20b, Feb 17, 6:06am
A childish reply is about what I expected from someone who got caught out using a fake profile.

usdefault, Feb 17, 7:04am
Apparently I'm male_timaru.

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