Will it be the ignition barrel or wiring that

dreamer45, Jul 5, 1:01am
I need to replace on my 95 Honda Odyssey!When I turn the key the car starts but as soon as I take my hand off the key it springs back & the car stops.I can drive it while holding the key in place.I couldn't even wind my electric window back up untill I was holding the key with the car running

dreamer45, Jul 5, 1:36am
yeah thats what my brother said but talking to wreckers they say the wiring.i'd hate to get the wrong part

dreamer45, Jul 5, 1:56am
I don't have any wreckers close by & not keen on driving one handed with my hand on the key

dreamer45, Jul 5, 2:00am
I don't have another barrel yet, & scared to buy one if its the wiring & no the starter motor isn't screaming

dreamer45, Jul 5, 2:07am
thanks for that there is a heap of info.

dreamer45, Jul 5, 2:09am
it has never stopped while driving. lately its been hard to start & I got told to just untill the petrol pump sound stopped then click it over & it usually started but on Saturday it just wouldn't start or let me wind upmy window.I had to drive it home holding the key & as soon as I let the key go it died

tmenz, Jul 5, 4:50am
I had that problem with my '92 Ascot.
It was the ignition switch contacts - they were a bit worn and dirty/tarnished.
It was the assembly at the rear of the ignition barrel.
Turned out to be very easy to undo the assembly from the end of the barrel and clean/polish the contacts so it all worked fine again.
Since the assembly connects to the main harness through a shortish loom and connector, I priced a new one and found it was about $100. At that price, I decided I could afford to replace it and not have to worry any more - kept the original as a spare.

saki, Aug 31, 10:18am
balist resister maybe