Would a surge tank need a cert?

kinger3, Jun 10, 8:34am
It will be in a street legal commodore, just wandering if it needs to be on the list of things to get certed. Looking at something similar to # 481839185 . Cheers

smac, Jun 10, 9:16am
There is no list of things to be certed. If your car has a single modification to be certed, then they will check the entire vehicle (except for specialist areas like disability mods). They need to ensure that the whole combination works together.

kinger3, Jun 10, 9:23am
I was meaning "my list", as its growing rapidly I am toying with the idea of just throwing in a pump without the surge tank

gadgit3, Jun 10, 9:29am
Best idea would be to complete all the mods and get the car road worthy then take it for a cert. It's the same price doesn't matter how big ya list is.

kinger3, Jun 10, 9:32am
Yea guess your right, then when it goes in for the cert they can fill me in on what I need to fix or all things going well give me the big tick

ord, Jun 10, 9:37am
AFAIK it doesnt need a cert , although if your entering any motorsport then those rules apply. You will need it sealed off from the cabin with a metal firewall.

smac, Jun 10, 9:37am
That's what I mean.either you put in a pump and no tank, or you put in a surge tank.doesn't matter, either way they will check your fuel storage and delivery. No difference to the cert process.

ord, Jun 10, 9:38am
Oh and unless your doing curcuit events I would'nt bother with a surge tank.

kinger3, Jun 10, 9:44am
More of a Sunday car with the odd track days and street draggs throwin in.

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