Where to find a good wee car under 6k

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phillip.weston, Jul 19, 11:52pm
I should note the ones we had were the 2000-2002 facelift models with the 1.4 DOHC engine.

aimz_bj, Jul 20, 12:20am
I loved my GT starlet.Not a fan of the Galanzas but if I ever found a GT Starlet that was in good nic I would definatley buy it!

Has she thought of buying a wee nana car and using leftover money to put some new wheels on it or something!Then it wont be so "nana"

But definatley get her to buy a manual!

molly37, Jul 20, 5:56am
Finance and nana should go together, nana cars do not get stolen, nana cars are not thrashed as a rule, nana cars offer good reliability. If you look up sporty car in the dictionary it should say "unmaintained piece of shit that is overpriced, always breaks and tends to get stolen by low life"

Try telling that to a 21year old!

mugenb20b, Jul 20, 6:06am
They do have ABS.

mugenb20b, Jul 20, 6:24am
What! Honda Civics! LMAO! They are so easy and cheap to do. Only takes a couple of hours. I have no problem with owning a car with cambelt driven engines. New Hilux's take half an hour to replace (+ 15 minutes to turn the mother f.ing T-belt light off), Mazda Bounty diesel, about 15 minutes.

pollymay, Jul 20, 6:27am
Good thing that isn't my job

sw20, Jul 20, 6:52am
My god scotty, sometimes just quit posting. Get this. Some people don't care about cars. They only use it to travel to work and the shops. They take it to the mechanic to get the oil and filter changed every six months for a WOF and service.

Cambelts eh! Such a hassle having to spend maybe $500-$600 at the mechanic every five years of ownership.

molly37, Jul 20, 7:47am
Always lots of advise on this site!
Searching tonight I notice that Miss 21 would be able to get a 2001ish Toyota Platz for 6kish. Yep, it does look a bit "nana", but she is keen that she can get a later model and the ones we searched have incredibly low km's. She has also seen a mitsi Lancer. Any opinions.and i'm sure there is on the Platz. Cheers.

mugenb20b, Jul 20, 9:40am
Toyota Platz is basically an Echo. Surprisingly roomy, low maintenace and running costs. It's a very good car. Mitsi Lancer.errr.depends on the model you're looking at. Generally, they are just OK. Later model ones seem to be quite good (2006+).

fordcrzy, Jul 21, 7:42am
stay away from lancers.and mitsi's in general.pretty much the worst car manufacturer there is. rule #1 of buying a car.DON'T BUY A MITSUBISHI!

kazbanz, Jul 21, 7:52am
Molly The PlatzIS an echo/vitz with a boot. Like the echo they come in 3 engine sizes. 1.5,1.3 and 1.0l -The 1.0lare very cheapwith good reason. They are utterly gutless. If looking at a Platz the only one to concider is a 1500cc one.
The Lancerlooks "sportier" for certainand personally I've found NO issue with these.
Another possibility to concider thats similar sized to a lancer is a Nissan sunny. which has a fantastic reputation for reliability and you could own a 2001-2003 one for around 6000