Where to find a good wee car under 6k

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tigra, Jul 17, 2:36am
ASome European cars require them every 3 years.

andrea_w, Jul 17, 3:12am
Holy thread dredge batman!

bellky, Jul 17, 3:15am
Nothing wrong with it though ay! That's what happens when people search I suppose, and I thinks it's good.

stevo2, Jul 17, 5:36am
Wow 12 month old thread. I wonder what see bought!

red97, Jul 17, 5:57am
information that would have handy a couple of years ago.

neo_psy, Jul 17, 6:32am
I don't buy this - we're on our third Mitsubishi and never had issues. Ran our previous (1998) Galant up to 230000km and them sold it. Saw it on here 18 months or so later. Next owner had lost the passenger side mirror, but it was still going.

In fact, just Carjam checked it, and it's up to 274000km now.

phillip.weston, Jul 17, 7:26am
my old 1989 Galant is up to 480,000kms last time I checked (carjam down for me). Current 1991 Galant VR-4 at 203,000kms. I have a Toyota at the moment and it's given more issues than the Galants currently.

haventrader, Jul 17, 10:14am
Take a look at U-sell. We traded our Toyota Vitz Clavia 1300cc 4 door auto. Great little car- still goes very well and in good nick. We needed a bigger car- only reason for trading. The guy selling it now is a dealer (it is listed at $6990- metallic red/ maroon colour) which is very reasonable for one of those. Cheers

molly37, Jul 19, 5:34am
21 year old daughter is desperate for a new car.she must get finance for it so it has to be a dealer, she is able to pay 6k or less off in 18 months though if not sooner. Where can we go in Auckland, preferably Manukau area, we tried kilburn.not too bad.Pearce brothers was horrid, she was keen on a 2001 Peugeot, but it had quite a bit of cosmetic stuff to be done and we worried about the expense of parts being its a euro. Other than a starlet which she wont be seen dead in, what else do you consider a reliable, small, sporty car under 6k.
Oh it must be 4 doors and auto.opinions appreciated. thanks

kazbanz, Jul 19, 5:57am
Molly6k is a funny price to be at. Personally I wouid let my fingers do the walking and check out car availability on TM and other internet advertising media.
My advice in this specific situation would be to get pre aproved finance with a finance company before looking anywhere or better still aproach her bank This might even open things up to certain private cars.
Please don't let her get sucked in by a car that looks "sexy" but might be a mechanical nightmare (the peugeot is one of those)
If pushed to make a recomendation right now I'm a bit stumped. Down around 4k is the little lucino 2 door and above that is stuff like the vitz

r15, Jul 19, 7:12am
you dont need to buy a car from a dealer to get finance.in fact many dealers will happily just sell you finance on a car from elsewhere

or a bank
or a lending institute
or maybe even you if you're in the position

carkitter, Jul 19, 7:59am
The 2001-on model Civic is 3 times the car that is for similar money. Electric power steering saves bucket-loads of fuel over the hydraulic system.

fordcrzy, Jul 19, 8:10am
4 doors and auto. my pick is a 1997-1999 nissan pulsar. the most reliable car there is quite frankly.

"sporty" 4 door autos are an oxymoron!

if she REALLY wants sporty then tell her to learn how to drive a manual and BUY AN MX5!

jezz43, Jul 19, 8:11am
suprised jazz hasnt been here yet

mugenb20b, Jul 19, 8:39am
I agree.

mugenb20b, Jul 19, 8:40am
I disagree.

molly37, Jul 19, 10:00am
I like it, thanks for your feedback, I think the vitz is great myself, however my daughter thinks its a "nana" car. She is sorting finance this week, yep, could help her out, but this way she gets a credit rating and the responsibility. I know she would like the Honda, but the kms are high.Seems its a good idea to steer clear of the Peugeot. thanks

donna_jo29, Jul 19, 11:01am
turners auctions are very good.

pollymay, Jul 19, 3:06pm
Finance and nana should go together, nana cars do not get stolen, nana cars are not thrashed as a rule, nana cars offer good reliability. If you look up sporty car in the dictionary it should say "unmaintained piece of shit that is overpriced, always breaks and tends to get stolen by low life"

The lower key the better, the more pathetic the performance the better. Even something remotely sporty is trouble for someone on finance. I've owned so many cars it would make your head spin and the ones that needed the least work were always the most boring POS cars money could buy that nana owned from new and had maintained at a dealer. As soon as you throw power or desirability into the mix it becomes a problem.

When she is on her feet and off finance she can buy what she wants cause there is less danger of it landing her in the proverbial poo, till then nana all the way.

kazbanz, Jul 19, 8:13pm
molly--there are ways of sexying up a vitz so its not so nana looking. She might find a Mazda Demio perhaps a bit less nanna
(er um Im watching my p's and q's in case "someone is watching' and dobbs me in)

r15, Jul 19, 8:22pm
someone keeps deleting my posts too, every time i blame john my posts disappear

drog, Jul 19, 8:28pm
Second generation Demio would be my pick. No cam belt either. All good.

xs1100, Jul 19, 8:35pm
also try kevway cars out west,kilburns have quite a selection or even fortis w/s next to pearce bros.or theres a good park and sell in manurewa/takanini as you go over the railway bridge there david is a old dealer from way back but all the cars there are private sales so might get a good deal

kcf, Jul 19, 11:42pm
Welcome to the wonderful world of trying to buy a car for a woman with champaigne tastes and a beer budget, who wants a car that LOOKS like a sports car but has enough space inside it.

I feel your pain.

The solution I ended up with was a Starlet Glanza turbo.Goes well, stupidly economical, and largely seen as a "girl car" so hasn't been nicked in the three years she has owned it.

Relatively speaking it is an "older" car at 1997, but it hasn't given any major drama over the years.I think hand brake cable, replace a door handle that busted a small plastic bit, and one intercooler hose was starting to get a split in it.

phillip.weston, Jul 19, 11:48pm
With my experience with that shape Polo I would gladly pick a mundane shitbox Echo over a Polo. They are NOT cheap to maintain, almost ALL of them have faults with the throttlebody causing stalling and rough-idle. To get a NEW one it is $800. To get a 2nd hand refurbished one it is $350-400. To get a used one which could end up being faulty is still $80+.

The interior is very cheaply made, the rubberised finish on the surfaces were peeling away just as any other VAG product of that era does. The gauge clusters are surrounded by chromed plastic which looks more at home in a Chinese car than a VW.

We had a fleet of 7 of them at one stage. Every single one of them gave problems, varying from throttlebodies to automatic transmissions to central locking faults. To top it off they weren't even nice cars to drive, they are just cheap nasty pieces of Euro-junk. The only good thing about it is that it had four air bags and four wheel disc brakes whereas other cars of the same class/price range probably doesn't.