Toyota Hilux Brake Problem

brianna09, Sep 4, 10:14pm
my brakes cut out about a month a go. It still has a little bit of brakes but not much! Can push it in about a centimetre or 2. Not mechanically minded need advice.

thunderbolt, Sep 4, 10:28pm
Mechanic needed urgently.

mr_lovebug, Sep 4, 10:31pm
Could it be case of just needing to be beeded!

brianna09, Sep 4, 10:40pm
thanx. whats the difference if you know it needs to be bleeded or if it needs new brake pads all 2getha!

jmma, Sep 4, 10:49pm
Don't piss around with brakes. Get them seen to now.

scuba, Sep 4, 10:56pm
don't worry the tow truck driver will be able to advise you soonenough.

hopie, Sep 5, 2:56am
Have a look thru the wheel spokes (or if you cant' take the wheel off) and you can see how much life is left on the pads. if it is reasonable try bleeding it. first step and cheapest.

franc123, Sep 5, 7:21am
I see from your other thread it is diesel, can you go out to the truck, sit in the drivers seat, pump the brake pedal as hard as you can, using both feet, hold it down and then start the engine normally. Tell me if the pedal stays in the same position or you can feel it sink a bit under your feet after the engine fires up.

brianna09, Sep 17, 12:05am
thanks for this, I got my brother inlaw to have a look and it needs a new altinator in order for the brakes to work, something about suction or something like that.

intrade, Sep 17, 12:43am
its called a faulty vaccume pump
Post *8 was on to it.

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