LPG. Can anyone tell me how much it costs to get lpg installed including tank etc

alanaandjonny, Oct 9, 9:18am
Can anyone tell me how much it costs to get LPG installed! Including tank etc

andrea_w, Oct 9, 9:21am
$1000 for red cars
$1250 for blue cars
$150000 for all other cars

That's assuming you're even talking about a car.
If you aren't talking about a car. tanks, aircraft, boats etc are hard to give price estimates on

pebbles61, Oct 9, 9:27am

That might give you some idea.

franc123, Oct 9, 9:42am
Its several thousand dollars basically, and isn't economic for most motorists unless you've got a very thirsty vehicle that you do huge kms in and you are planning on keeping for several years. Even then you need a rockgas card to avoid paying the regular ripoff price for gas in this country.

purple666, Oct 9, 10:01am
Don't forget to add the price of a trailer if fitting to a motorcycle.

tara101, Oct 9, 11:32am
Cost me $3800 for a 4 cylinder with a 50 litre tank in 2007. 50000 kms a year I save approx. $80.00 a week in fuel costs with a Rockgas card paying $1.11
including GST.

wizid, Oct 9, 11:42pm
$5500 to fit to 250gt skyline

ceebee2, Oct 10, 12:44am
Unless you are running a taxi it is not worth it end of story!

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