Mazda B1 to B6 engine conversion

morrisman1, Oct 31, 11:18pm
Yesterday we spent most of the day working on engine mounts and have successfully got it sitting in there quite nicely. Still a fair bit of work to do but we are over the hill and have the hard part behind us now.

morrisman1, Oct 19, 9:35am
Righto, here is the master plan: buy the 1989 mazda 121, strip it out and prep it for paddock racing and gymkhana. I had a crazy idea of transplanting in the B6 out of the mazda astina which I have access to. Does anyone know what the inter-compatability of the mazda running gear is! Could the B6 engine bolt to the gearbox that is in the 121 (attached to a B1 or B3) and what other factors would there be! I would also have to bring over the fuel tank etc because of the EFI fuel system but that can be managed.

The B1 has something like 56hp and the B6 is 130hp which is more appropriate. The need for power is because one of the tracks that will be used reaches speeds up to around 130km/h and thats where the little 56hp engine will not cut the mustard

Any thoughts!

ajayzbabe, Oct 19, 10:28am
If the motor bolts up to the gearbox & i assume it runs the box with the starter mounted at 12 o'clock it wont last long, those gearboxs are made of butter & the driveshafts are fairly thin too, I'd imagine most astina bits could be adapted if you had the time & the imagination

morrisman1, Oct 19, 10:37am
hmmm Ill have to check that. I can get the astina engine but not the gearbox, he wants it for another one. The engine is fairly knackered but fine for a paddock racer, it goes like stink.

What is likely to break in the gearbox! Gears breaking or bearings falling apart!

morrisman1, Oct 20, 2:17am
Righto, progress.

I secured the whole astina; engine, gearbox, driveshafts and all. The wheelbase is the same width as the 121 so I am hoping that I can swap the astina hubs into the 121 and then just put entire astina running gear into it. That way it shouldn't break and I wont have to mess around with anything too technical. The mounts look to be the same which is good.

We are anticipating the 121 to weigh around 650kg when we are finished with it which will allow for a power:weight ratio of over 200hp per tonne!

I picked up both cars today and all is well. Ill keep you posted. Oh and also it is a 12 o'clock starter model with 4 on the floor.

morrisman1, Oct 20, 8:40am
Oh dear, I have almost lost faith in the ability of our species to have a taste in cars, I just found an online forum for ford festiva enthusiasts!

There is a little information in there and I will reluctantly join so I can quiz them a bit more

morrisman1, Oct 20, 9:04am
for a laugh, here is the car:

pollymay, Jan 18, 4:51pm
All the honda boys will be jealous, baby blue is an in colour in the tuner scene don't ya know, it's +100hp