Fuel tank gaunge

eajo1mbwass, Nov 16, 10:43pm
i have 1991 mitsi ute 2600 sport fuel gauge does not read true and picking the sender in the tank is the problem , been down to repco told cant get new one try second hand can you buy after market ones and how can you tell second hand one is any good

mechnificent, Nov 16, 10:47pm
You put an ohm gauge between the sensor terminal and the body of the gauge, and you move the float arm and check that the reading changes in a smooth manner. an old fashioned analogue gauge will show any faults more easily than a digital gauge.

v8power, Nov 16, 11:21pm
You need to eliminate where the fault lies. Could be sender unit in the tank, could be the gauge itself, could be the wiring harness and if bi-metal gauge it could be the voltage stabilizer/regulater.

I suggest you identify WHAT sort of gauge it is first. Is there 2 or 3 wires going to the gauge! This will determine your diagnosis method.

eajo1mbwass, Nov 17, 12:27am
not sure how many wires as yet as will need to drop the tank down as its up under the deck hard to get to will need to check behind the dash and also

v8power, Nov 17, 12:46am
Can you not get access to the tank sensor without dropping it! Being a ute an access panel in the tray!

If you can get to the back of the gauge tell me how many wires on the gauge.

When you say it isn't reading true, how exactly do you mean! ie when full gauge us only reading 3/4 etc

eajo1mbwass, Nov 17, 3:19am
it reads full then drops in one go to quarter of a tank stays there till empty

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