Pressure pot / compressor tank wanted

exwesty, Mar 15, 9:29am
Hi guys,

I'm after a pressure pot or tank that can hold compressed air and that i can fit a spray nozzle to remove dust.
Ideally i don't want a compressor as it'll be used infrequently but something I can pump up down at the local servo with the tyre pump and release a 20 second blast on the run.
Anything available!
I've seem what look like home made jobs with compressor tanks and old gas bottles but is there something small, cheap and commercial that's cheaper then buying compressed air in a can!

cowlover, Mar 15, 9:34am
Sounds like you want an old fire extinguisherI know yu can get the bigger sizes for use on mig welders etc so try Wormolds etc.if you find the right helpful place they wil be able to fit the appropriate fitings on for you.

Other option what about a 4.5kg gas bottle.If you have a cylinder test centre local they might have something suitable.

bigfatmat1, Mar 15, 9:35am
Repco supersheap sell comresed air tanks

jmma, Mar 15, 9:40am
What about one of those mini electric compressors, they come with a plastic blow nozzle (o:

outbidyou2, Mar 15, 9:43am
LOVE those plastic blow nozzles (o:

morrisman1, Mar 15, 9:51am
expired 9kg gas bottle. You can buy a POL connector with 8mm barb on the other side, clamp that into a hose and put a snap on air connector on the other end. Then you can just make a male-male adapter for snap on air fittings and connect it to a compressor. I do that for air down at the race track, works well but need a bigger tank than 3kg.

cowlover, Mar 15, 11:24am
Old forklift LPG tank or even an old stainless LPG/CNG tank fom a car is more like what you need.

exwesty, Mar 15, 6:12pm
Those mini electric "compressors" have no tank, they are only suitable for pumping up a childs pool floaties or a lilo very slowly.
I need something that has pressurised air.

Good suggestions so far thanks guys.

neville48, Mar 15, 8:21pm
Mig welder/argon throw away bottle !

biddy6, Mar 15, 8:37pm
Most large trucks have a compessor tank.

robinm1, Mar 15, 8:39pm
I use a small air tank from a old truck if I want compressed air away from my compressor.No real value, most truck wreckers would be pleased to get anything for one.

bigfatmat1, Mar 15, 9:52pm
yes this is what i was refering to in post 3

elect70, Mar 16, 1:25am
I hadcouple of93cu ftally dive tankscouldnt even give themawayeven thoughdidnt need test if notused on hi pressure , sold them for scrap.

exwesty, Mar 16, 2:06am
What's the filler valve! you can pump it up at a service station using the air hose!

mrfxit, Mar 16, 8:48am
I simply use an ex car stainless steel 60ltr LPG tank
Removed the internal floats etc & adapted the external pipe & tap fittings to accept air fittings.
Bent a bit of 10mm steel bar & welded them to the car mounting straps as carry handles
Now I can pump it up to 100psi & seal it for later usage.

demons, Mar 17, 7:34am
how about a dive tank.up to 2000 psi and 3000

apollo11, Mar 17, 7:46am
You could always use an old car or truck inner tube!

ceebee2, Mar 18, 4:00am
LPG barbeque cylinder (9kg), drill a hole in and fit a tubeless tyre valve. Fit a brass converter to the outlet.easy as.

gadgit3, Mar 18, 4:21am
Yea the tank has a standard filler valve that you can fill from a survo.

supernova2, Mar 18, 4:23am
Easy but dangerous.Would need to make sure no sparks when drilling and fitting the valve from the outside might be fun.Will that type of valve fitting hold 120psi!

I've got a forklift LPG bottle for my reserve compressor tank and simply found the correct brass adapters to fit standard Nitto fittings

mrfxit, Mar 18, 7:00am
Yep thats the trick, use std air fittings & brass adapters

As for drilling etc, you remove the lpg tap/ fill with STRONG soapy water / shake it around for a few minutes & flush that out with lots of clean water leaving the water filled AT the TOP of the tank.
THEN drill any holes etc as needed, even gas cutting/ welding is fine

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