Someone screw drivered my diesel tank last night

rambler_man, Mar 25, 7:21am
Had the work van parked under a street under light. This morning I started the van to find the dash empty fuel light on and a screw driver handle hanging out of the bottom of a very empty diesel fuel tank . What some people will do!

rob_man, Mar 25, 7:31am
Did they steal the diesel!

mm12345, Mar 25, 7:33am
Probably a screwdriver from the bargain-bin at Te Warehouse too.You can't win.
Last time we had a car stolen, the thieves left a $14.99 Warehouse 99 piece toolkit on the back seat.I wasn't tempted - decided that the Police shouldkeep it for their annual auction.

rambler_man, Mar 25, 7:45am
Yep stole the diesel by using the screw driver to stab the bottom of the plastic fuel tank to make a drain hole

mrfxit, Mar 25, 8:03am
Local b/r probably didn't want any service station photo's of them buying diesel for their burnouts.

Pretty sad state of affairs either way when ppl start pinching diesel from vehicles

zoltec45, Mar 27, 8:35am
LOL yea boy racers did it, more like the local iwi

twink19, Mar 28, 4:24am

mrfxit, Mar 28, 5:54am
Either way

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