Where would you buy a car battery from

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digmen1, Mar 3, 7:03pm
I need to buy a new car battery
Where do you think I would get the best deal - quality and price
Auto Electrician
Battery Shop
Tyre Shop
My Local Garage

martin11, Mar 3, 7:07pm
Ring around with the model number of the battery and get quotes !

tamarillo, Mar 3, 7:08pm
Personally I'd be checking a battery shop and super cheap. Most others usually simply buy them in. If it's an unusual size or type battery shop as they have knowledge of alternatives that work.

intrade, Mar 3, 7:20pm
places who sell loads of batterys and get a the longest warranty battery ones this way you be most likely getting a new battery not one that is sitting in the shop since 3 years already. plus they replace it within the warranty
also a problem will be almost all battery are now sealed calcium lead batterys , the calcium can in some older vehicles not be charged up fully and die premature due to this fact of never getting propperly charged.
Next is your old battery charger is of no use for a calcium battery.
for the same reason the charger wont charge it correctly full.
plus a fully dead battery like when you have the lights on for 24h
calcium fully flat charging with a old charger wont bring the battary back to live. You need again a electronic calcium capable charger
cheap ones can be gotten when supercheap have 25% off days there cheap electronic will be doing any battery cost from 60 to 100$ for cheap ones . its a must have item for new battery charging

You might say i charged my calcium battery fine with my old charger.
No you did not you can charge it with a old charger when its not fully dead yes correct.
and your charger will shut off when the battery is not fully charged.
cheap electronic chargers have battery select buttons.
in a way i like that better as then you can be sure you got the right charge programm for the battery.

petal_91, Mar 3, 7:30pm
The Warehouse when it has a sale on them.

tamarillo, Mar 3, 7:33pm
Intrade , thanks I learnt from that. Time for new charger sometime!

tamarillo, Mar 3, 7:35pm
Maybe. I had a recent battery under warranty fail, seemingly fine, only battery specialist could tell it's got a problem and replaced it. That's worth paying a wee bit for, to me at least. What happens if you've a problem with a wh one.

pozzie-nz, Mar 3, 7:38pm
AA battery looked after us last time we needed a battery
The Battery was $20 more than supercheap/repco but it was delivered and installed and the electrical system tested at the same time, Save me at least $20 in running around.

bigfatmat1, Mar 3, 7:43pm
Auto electrical place normally will check and fit for no charge if you buy a battery from them. Most carry good stocK and offer competitive pricing with good warranty. I know the batteries we stock being exide are cheaper by a long shot than repco, warehouse and super cheap on the same or equivalent product.

trogedon, Mar 3, 8:20pm
Last one from The Warehouse but I was a bit desperate. I should've got one from my mechanic - they were cheaper and the correct (smaller) size. Doh!

solarboy, Mar 4, 12:54am
Got my last one from Supercheap, just a moderately priced 350 CCA 12 month warranty unit back in 2007. Still going strong .

kazbanz, Mar 4, 1:30am
From the wholesaler that comes round with his natty lil truck and delivers em to me.

poppajn, Mar 4, 3:35am
Never from here, you don't know how old the battery is, whereas battery shop's are changed over every 3 month's to ensure they are fresh.
If they aren't used they loose the charge and have a shorter life span

petal_91, Mar 4, 4:19am
Warehouse batteries have a date sticker on them too. I made a point of checking at my local store a few weeks back and none were older than a couple of months.

petal_91, Mar 4, 4:27am
Warehouse sells Exide batteries with a 36 month warranty.

I've returned many faulty items back there over the years and they've always refunded me no questions asked. I don't see why that would be any different with car batteries, provided you kept the receipt.

I'd suggest getting a refund from WH could be less of a hassle than at say Supercheap, who might pop the battery on their tester first. As I've had batteries test good on the Supercheap tester, but still fail to start the car, I could imagine that it might be more difficult to return a marginal battery there.

elect70, Mar 4, 6:00am
i always buy mine from W house Exide known quality & always given sterling performance .& offer extended warranty Last 1 is now 5 years old & still good . so many unknown brands out there & no idea where they are made or quality . Latest i just bought for my rangiefrom Wh was $170 but smaller ones are around $100

xs1100, Mar 4, 7:20am
Autostop and bosch batteries and if you take a quote in from another supplier they will normally beat it

r.g.nixon, Mar 4, 7:26am
WH sale 20% off

tgray, Mar 4, 7:46am
I buy car batteries with a warranty for $30 (supplied and fitted) but Trademe does not allow me to tell you where.

frank1, Mar 4, 8:28am
Remember you cannot charge a Calcium battery with a lead battery charger,they will not put more than 1/4 charge in them.
AA claim they are more reliable (thats because its all they sell)
Worked for a AA battery contractor for 2 years,and they are really screwed by AA head office who are controlled by Aussie-who own AA NZ
My choice would be Exide.

phalanax, Mar 4, 8:34am
yep . exide. sometimes 30% off at the big red shed

rpvr, Mar 4, 8:47am
Three years ago I bought a "reconditioned" battery for $45 with 6 months warranty. Still going.

tintop, Mar 4, 9:17am
AA owned ? wth?

gmphil, Mar 4, 9:23am
ray my newlife battery man !

macman26, Mar 4, 11:47am
Got a battery last Easter for our Estima van. Was $50 cheaper for the same battery from Toyota than Supercheap