Fuel tank capacity?

hamhonda, Feb 4, 10:06pm
anybody know a website that tells the fuel tank capacity of vehicles?

tony9, Feb 4, 10:10pm
The manufacturers web site?

tgray, Feb 4, 10:38pm
Just google make and 'fuel tank capacity'.

hamhonda, Feb 4, 11:34pm
I try to find them for a few different marks & models (only for my own curiosity really).
Found one site which gave me specs for the XR8 falcon which said 68litres for the sedan but nothing for the ute, missus filled hers this morning and it took 78litres

solarboy, Feb 5, 8:21am
Probably left the engine running while she filled it.

jason18, Feb 5, 8:35am
Some utes have the 80lt long range tank

skiff1, Feb 5, 8:58am

quickbuck, Feb 5, 9:08am
Everybody is a comedian tonight. I would say if it had been running on E for Enough for quite some time, then your ute has the 80 Litre tank in it.

nzangel1, Jul 5, 7:47pm
Google is your friend : )

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