Would of been hard to miss seeing a tank.

differentthings, Jun 3, 11:27pm
I would of thought it would be easy to see it.
"the 18-year-old had apparently not seen the convoy when she made a left turn in front of it."
I like the name of the road as well.
Tank Ring Road",

neell, Jun 3, 11:41pm
Poor old motorcyclists would have no chance with her around.

skin1235, Jun 4, 12:28am
so the inability to see anything apart from the 2mt wide tunnel in front is not just NZ wide, its international

well that makes it okay then, no more calls for NZ motorists to lift their skill rate, its no better elsewhere

purple666, Jun 4, 12:39am
I think you will find that that tank was speeding.

jmma, Jun 4, 12:48am
Was going flat out (o:

skin1235, Jun 4, 12:55am
hell yeah, she would have been perfectly safe if it was going 1km/hr slower

elect70, Jun 4, 12:59am
Cell phone next to her ear probably blocked vision , another metre &she would have been be dog tucker

tintop, Jun 4, 3:02am
Camouflage paint job works well huh ?

tamarillo, Jun 4, 3:50am
Fair call though, the bloody thing didn't look like it even had its lights on let alone a Fluoro top. Stupid tank.

muzz67, Jun 4, 7:04am
I didn't see any camo!?

bill-robinson, Jun 4, 7:08am
nor did she, really effective isn't it?

morrisman1, Jun 4, 8:06am
next week we will see tanks with flashing orange lights on them and a pilot vehicle.

tony9, Jun 4, 8:33am
I missed a couple, a few decades ago out of Brisbane. Approaching Ipswitch along a 60 KPH road. I was relaxing nicely in my XB Fairmont GS, half asleep when I was aware of "something" passing me. It was the lead tank in a convoy. Gave me a hell of a shock. It was on rubberised tracks.

tintop, Jun 4, 9:11am
:) Bloody M41 tanks at Waiouru - bouncing along the tussock in a Land Rover at little more than a fast trot, a M41 would appear out of nowhere - do a couple of tight circles around the landie creating a huge cloud of dust and crap and then blast off over the top of the next ridge. Bastards!

peja, Jun 4, 11:27am
She didnt miss just one tank - she missed an entire convoy? And given the sheer size of these things in the pic, they make a Humvee look small - how could she not have seen it.

I hope it puts her off driving for life. She is a danger to herself and others if she can miss something that size

mrfxit, Jun 4, 9:27pm
LMAO cool, good excuse for an undies change

tony9, Jun 4, 10:08pm
Oh I had one of them too. Near the same place as my tank incident in Aus. Near Amberly in Queensland, a quiet country lane with trees along the side of the ride, cruising in the Fairmont. Suddenly there was a hell of a boom and the car shook, I thought it was going to roll. Four F-111s using ground hugging radar for navigation had gone just overhead. Amazing to see how close they could fly to the ground and follow contours, trees etc.

kazbanz, Jun 4, 11:34pm
All kidding aside.--if its Germany what side of the road should the car have been on?

elect70, Jun 5, 1:08am
dats wot ya get for playin in their backyard

tintop, Jun 5, 1:15am

Could not get the 105 howitzer uncoupled in time to spoil their game. :)

peja, Jul 27, 6:25pm
The right. She started off on the correct side of the road, and did a left hand turn. In front of a tank - a whole convoy of them.

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