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likit, Oct 30, 12:29pm
Who would have believed that, thought it was only Aussie & American cars


thejazzpianoma, Oct 30, 12:41pm
Nissan's poor build quality has been there to see for anyone with eyes for years. However in fairness, not sure this inspection fraud would make much difference. It's primarily a design issue with very short intended life spans of JDM vehicles from what I have seen. They are the paper plates of the automotive world, it's just people here expect them to last like China.

At least with Subaru the vehicles are designed with a reasonable level of durability and longevity in mind.

intrade, Oct 30, 12:42pm
of course its called cutting corners all do it some more some less some it comes back to haunt.
Toyota fit fuel injector with a livespan of 60.000km to save money

gsimpson, Oct 30, 12:50pm
A repairers familiarity with a vehicle can be a factor too. Fixing a fault can be easy compared to diagnosing the fault which can take longer for someone unfamiliar with a particular model. Time is money.

bill-robinson, Oct 30, 3:06pm
just about ALL manufacturers build to a price not quality, that is what the room full of accountants is for. just think, 2 cents per item, it mounts up over millions of cars

elect70, Oct 30, 3:15pm
The car industry is run by bean counters not engineers . have we reached the truly disposable car , service parts only 60 0000 kms & into the crusher .

rsr72, Oct 30, 3:42pm
Mercedes-Benz will be pleased it doesn't affect their new Nissan Navara X-Class utility truck built outside of Japan in Argentina.

a.woodrow, Oct 30, 6:41pm
Most wouldn't complain at getting 600,000km

kazbanz, Oct 31, 10:34am
The guts of that story is not that the build quality is bad or that there are faults with the cars. The guts is that the final inspectors were at times not qualified to sign the cars off.
This is totally different from the fraud committed by the VAG group or the ongoing major failure issue with VAG 7 speed gearboxes.

bryshaw, Oct 31, 10:39am
Many auto electricians will tell you European cars pay their bills.

mrfxit, Oct 31, 11:55am
LMAO, subys & reliability do NOT go together.
Very very common for head gaskets & turbo's to blow.
Probably in order of Turbo 1st then head gasket 2nd shortly after at modest to low-ish km's

ema1, Oct 31, 12:03pm
Then there are those who commit fraud to cheat the system and thought they were so smart they wouldn't get caught, they were wrong.
Kaz took the words out of my mouth 100% re VAG. I wouldn't trust those and their ilk, never have never will.
One stage their country men thought they were going to rule the world, again they were wrong. talk about a cultured nation nah with their track record they definitely are NOT in my book.

ema1, Oct 31, 12:04pm
LMAO here too, all too funny really, stab in the dark stuff for sure !

ema1, Oct 31, 12:10pm
Interesting statement here, I went into our local sparky shop last week . 5 vehicles in there, 4 with various electrical gremlins all Euro's + one Japanese make getting a smashed head light replaced. funny that and I tend to agree with bryshaw's post here, it was obvious the day I went in to purchase some replacement bulbs.

bryshaw, Oct 31, 1:11pm
Some will say, oh, it's because Euro cars are packed with sophisticated features that they sometimes develop faults. Not quite true as Lexus has all the bells and whistles too, but is built with quality in mind. I just think most Euros are badly designed and built to a budget.

ema1, Oct 31, 2:02pm
Lexus are a damn good car for sure, those 1UZ FE V8 engines are neigh on bullet proof but with the provision of regular servicing of course as with anything !
I'd have a Lexus over any Euro any day. end of.
Even the Cressida's I had years ago were pretty much "loaded" with most extras as standard and very little trouble was experienced, virtually none by me on the 7 Cressida's/Grande's that I owned over a huge distance traveled reliably over nearly 20 or so years.

intrade, Oct 31, 2:11pm
i think you live in a dream world. the only reason toyota where lasting so well is because they used the 1970 technology that they did improof to compete in the market.
1990s corollas had 70s electronics as where 1990s euros already had technology that toyota only fitted in 2010 .
Also 1990s emission pass mark the vehicles we always had problems to get to pass the emissions where japanese cars. Nissan not idle at target nissan sunny with fried ignition computer controllers . The percentage of not passing emission during a emission test and that was every year was 60% japanes failed verses 40% of euros. and we had way more euro cars in europe then japanese.
Thats the true fact . Not some stuff some of your dreamers suck out of your fingers. Toyota where built to last and pollute to last . euros where built to not pollute and fail if they did pollute . emission testing clearly showed that.
Today its all crap.
Or its all good if your a crap-fanboy

intrade, Oct 31, 2:25pm
i just remember one other thing Toyota Crown in europe was knowen as the worlds worst car . in europe. Also almost non of the japanese made it passt 10 years before rust sent em to heaven or export . My mate said we dont buy anything older then 10 years to resell. some of the welded up colts mitsubishis made it and we sold em for 3500 bux with new wof . and a wof was worse then going to a dentist in switzerland in the 90s.
not 1 drop of oil was allowed. they used a hammer to bash against the floor to see if its rusty under the taar. balljoints tested hydraulically - shockabsorber bouning machine brake roller.
and then brake fluid tester went in the resorvire. then outside up a hill handbrake hold test up and down the hill.
then road test to listen for anything they missed.
and then speed test to see if the odometer was accurate. if not you get sent to come back with it calibrated.
if you managed to get all that to pass you had a wof stamp for 2 years and rusty colts only got 1 year.

marmar1, Oct 31, 2:25pm
You obviously never serviced your Subaru's.

slarty45, Oct 31, 2:47pm
Are you aiming to knock jizim off his FOS pinnacle?

ema1, Oct 31, 2:54pm
If you think I live in a dream world then it was a damn good dream comparatively trouble at that.
I guess if everything you say is crap these days intrade they could just be supplying you with a worthwhile living. right.
Lack of maintenance would also make it in your favour intrade, boy you do grizzle a lot, could be time to throw away your job me thinks going by what you post over long periods of time.
Perhaps Euro's being unreliable crap ( using your words) are playing right into your lap also to keep you employed.

ema1, Oct 31, 3:06pm
All that hammering with a hammer through the under seal (taar. your words) would most likely give a good starting point for rust that is if it wasn't there already.
I'd object if someone started belting the undersides of my car with a big hammer . that's a bit excessive.
I'd suggest there aren't many folks that would be familiar with Toyota Crowns in Europe as bugger all went there.
UK got a number of them and they didn't have much in the way of issues with them there.
Surely brake fluid quality tests would extend beyond Toyota's that you keep babbling on about, brake fluid isn't unique to just Toyota's , it certainly wasn't when I was in the motor trade.
Seems you just pick out Toyota's when you go on and on about brake fluid intrade . do you actually test brake fluid on other makes as well.
Be interesting what your results are if you do. as we haven't heard you going on about brake fluid in anything but Toyota's . funny as a piece of string that is,

ema1, Oct 31, 3:15pm
Seemingly so today I'd wager, I'm getting sore laughing at the half baked stuff he's been posting lately.

ema1, Oct 31, 3:23pm
Toyota electronics generally are well proven and Toyota aren't about to go fit crap electrics and gizmo's that have been found to be so by Euro's at their customers expense.
I'd have more faith in Denso electric and Mitsubishi electrics way ahead of lots of the half baked experimental crap that Euro's tend to use.
aka Veglia Magnetti Marelli and Paris Rhone etc crap. yuk yuk yuk
Bosch is the only exception but only just?
The amount of chopping and changing "improving" etc etc over short periods of time in Euro junk , makes it just that. junk !
Nah not for me thanks, I'll stick to what I've had very few problems with . thank you very much !
Experience both of owning and in the motor trade beats "propaganda" always end of story.
One car found faulty has a remarkable habit of expanding out to all of that particular make. that's just gross exaggeration of the highest order which you display repeatedly . intrade.

ema1, Oct 31, 3:34pm
Ha ha ha I can picture it now. going by intrades description of using a hammer to check for rust in car undersides in Switzerland . heck there must be a lot of cars around the place over there with hammer marks all over their undersides. I literally fell off my seat when I saw that . ROTFLMAO. hell it hurts laughing so much.

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