Have to own a Commodore to be on "Police TV" ?

gman35, Sep 7, 8:13pm
Honestly, is it just the few times I ever catch (The Australian version especially) of Motorway Patrol / Police 10/7 etc. that 99% of the people of interest to the authorities are driving the above vehicle ?
Did they actually sell so many more of them over than the most similar type of car, a Ford Falcon, or do they just attract "Felons" ?
It's unbelievable.

supernova2, Sep 7, 10:57pm
Nah the programmes are sponsored by Holden.

rlr29, Sep 7, 11:05pm
You don't 'have' to, but it helps.

likit, Sep 9, 12:50pm
The NZ version it helps if you own a skyline.

poppy62, Sep 9, 2:13pm
All the Ockers drive Commodores and Falcons just like the Bogans do here in NZ.

bill1451, Sep 28, 3:14am
or a Subby
with the odd roach in the glovebox, and when questioned about it, "oh its my friends car"

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