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keytag, Jan 15, 7:34am
Hi, I have a 2012 Mercedes Sprinter that the customer wants solar power and batteries fitted.

The Tare weight is 4,270kg weighed yesterday on a weighbridge, driver not in the vehicle when weighed, fuel tank (60 litres) was full, both fresh and waste water tanks were empty.

The GVM on the window label is 4,490kg so am I right in assuming a maximum of 220kg of items can be installed ?

Which kinda causes a problem because the 48v 300ahr batteries alone will weight 240kg.

So my question is:
Is the GVM a locked and solid number, can you in any way have the vehicle recertified for a higher GVM ?

poppy62, Jan 15, 9:07am

intrade, Jan 15, 9:53am
it be overloaded already as it is . The questions are. will it be noticed for fines like trucks. Do they waigh During cof ? and can you correct Ruc up for higher waight . As i had a 3510 iveco it was 3500kg rated and the same truck came with 7500kg rating So you would never see if it was overloaded 1 or 2 tons in europe.

car__parts, Jan 15, 10:09pm
Yes you can have that weight rating increased, we done it for our motorhome.

keytag, Jan 17, 9:14pm
Thanks I appreciate the comments.

” The questions are. will it be noticed for fines like trucks. Do they weigh During cof ?
I have taken it for several CoF’s, they weigh each axle and the weights are noted on the CoF sheet.
Weighing each axle separately and adding them together doesn’t give a true tare weight (but probably within 5-10%?) and I doubt VTNZ care that much, unless there is a significant difference.

As for possibly winging it and running the risk of being slightly over the GVM, it is a govt vehicle so it must comply with all regulations.

So the only way I can see to add 350+kg for the batteries (240kg), solid battery box (20kg), panels (6 @ 15kg each = 100kg), roof frames (10kg) and controller and inverter etc (10kg) will be by increasing the rated GVM.

mrcat1, Jan 18, 6:51pm
Was it on a WOF or a COF?
If its on a COF it would have to be re engineered I'd say because its exceeding manufacturers rating.

mrcat1, Sep 26, 1:50pm
So since its on a COF a transport engineer will have to recertify it.

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