Insurance on rejected vehicle - dealer or us?

totalimp, Dec 24, 8:07am
Vehicle rejected on 9th December. Refund came through on the 14th December so all good however dealer has not picked up the car - despite several emails and phone calls from us. It's now xmas eve so clearly it's not going to happen today and we've advised them a couple of times we are going away from 26th dec til 10th jan so wanted it gone before then but alas here were are. Family are away, we will have a sporadic house sitter and we live rural so we do have neighbours but they have their own plans and frankly i don't want to disrupt their plans.
Dealership is in hawkes bay and we are in wellington, we can't take it up. We are taking 2 cars away and don't have a spare driver. We've offered to drop it off to a dealership here or freight depot but they just haven't come back to us.
I've just today changed ownership back to them seeing as we don't have any financial interest in the vehicle anymore however what do we do regarding insurance? It's on our property and likely will be until mid jan. I really don't want to keep paying insurance but if something happens on our property to it, if we get broken into, keys nicked from inside and it gets stolen would they as a dealership have sufficient insurance to cover any loss?

tgray, Dec 24, 8:20am
I would say if the refund has come through, that is sufficient grounds to conclude they now own the car and you should cancel the insurance. Since you still have possession however, you must take all reasonable steps to ensure the vehicle is safe whilst in your care. This means keeping it locked and secure on your property and not driving it any more.
I would suggest a phone call to them today to tell them you have cancelled the insurance and it's up to them to arrange pick up at their expense.
*This is my opinion only and not legal advise.

franc123, Dec 24, 9:03am
I wouldnt be doing anything more than leaving the car in an accessible place, hiding the keys somewhere and emailing/texting/leaving message with whoever you dealt with the details of where the car and keys are and cancelling the insurance. Their problem what they do from there, they're probably on holiday now and couldnt give a stuff or else theyve not been able to arrange transport.

saxman99, Dec 24, 9:15am
Tell them it’s out in the street unlocked with the keys inside.

kazbanz, Dec 24, 9:21am
Don't panic --put it in the garage. Lock it up .Worry about it when you get back

totalimp, Dec 24, 9:24am
Thanks. I've just cancelled insurance on it and sent them an email. I've just rung them and they're open so they're there to receive the email. Sent them an email and said look forward to arranging prompt transportation in the new year when we are back on the 10th. Mention we appreciate they are busy, kept it polite.
It's locked and the keys are inside the house. It' not visible from the street. I can't be bothered any more. We've taken a dam hit on the thing financially, they refunded us short of $500 which i'm letting go but i'm at the end of my tether with it. I know it's xmas and everyone is busy and frustrated etc. I get it.
Thanks for all your help everyone :)

totalimp, Dec 24, 9:25am
We don't have a garage but yep it's locked up and forgotten about now :)

franc123, Dec 24, 10:42am
Theres obviously more to this story, what is the car and what problems have you had?

sw20, Dec 24, 10:58am
This was a follow up to a recent thread by OP regarding rejecting an accident damaged vehicle. This was settled very quickly by the dealer.

richynuts, Dec 24, 11:08am
I would keep insurance on it just in case. another couple of weeks would be stuff all (dollar wise ) and worth the peace of mind.

tgray, Dec 24, 11:19am
Really? Why are you doing that? What was the $500 for?

totalimp, Dec 24, 11:27am
Just got hubby to check, got it wrong ignore me. They haven't shorted us.

totalimp, Dec 24, 11:28am
Bought a vehicle, it was shipped down to use 2 weeks later, noticed the door not closing flush a week after receiving it. Took it to 2 panel beaters who discovered a lot more damage under body/chasis and advised us to reject it.

franc123, Dec 24, 11:35am
Ahh yes I remember now. I can understand why you want it gone ASAP.

kazbanz, Dec 24, 12:16pm
Totalimp-as per my first post. You are doing the very best you can to keep someone elses property safe and secure. You have communicated that you aren't going to be around.-Go enjoy your holiday. im betting the staff concerned are doing just that.

bigfatmat1, Dec 24, 12:53pm
Pretty sure you cant insure a vehicle you don't own.

gusthe1, Dec 24, 1:08pm
I insure my kids vehicles and name them as drivers

totalimp, Dec 24, 1:27pm
Yup correct. Consulted our insurance broker. But the dealer likely hadn't changed ownership - just refunded us. Today I notified nzta we had "sold" it so it should no longer be in our name. Our broker suggested we cancel as we have no further financial interest in the car.

totalimp, Dec 24, 1:27pm
Thank you, thats the plan

vivac, Dec 24, 3:32pm
Take some pictures of its current condition so if there is a problem over the holiday you can show you didnt do it before the change of ownership/ parking it up.

gpg58, Dec 24, 5:22pm
Agree, photos have stopped a lot of arguments for me, in many situations. Mostly workwise, with before starting and after finished photos, but also faulty or damaged products, and also plenty of times videos, of misbehaving items.

curlcrown, Dec 24, 8:46pm
It doesn't make any difference any more, dealer has refunded and has not picked up. Whatever was or is wrong or what type of car make no difference to the current situation.

curlcrown, Dec 24, 8:49pm
For the sake of a little bit of insurance I'd tend to keep it going until its out of your possetion, just for peice of mind, and as someone else said, certianly don't drive it but that's obvious

franc123, Oct 5, 5:59pm
Was I talking to you? NO.

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