VK commodore starter

kjmc, Sep 13, 2:20pm
I have just fitted a new starter motor as supplied by auto sparky, it is a Bosch newer model, but compatible.
Once fitted, the car won't start, the starter motor works but everything else seems out of whack.
It will start sometimes buts stops short after, during starting process it feels as if timing out etc.
It is getting fuel and spark.
Any ideas before I pull I off again?
1986 202 fuel injected model.
No I didn't touch anything else and car was starting fine other than starter issues.

msigg, Sep 13, 2:32pm
Sounds like it is drawing the volts down too low. You may have shorted something else out by accident. Is the solenoid pulling back in?. Yes you need to do some figuring out.

kingfisher21, Sep 13, 3:37pm
If you put it back exactly as before and connected all the correct wires to the starter then you must of bumped something else.

bigfatmat1, Sep 13, 5:33pm
Is this the nissan 6cyl if so check the plug on dizzy. The boots break and then the terminals of the plug corrode. And the pins on the crank sensor If you bumped it it may lose contact.

franc123, Sep 13, 5:54pm
1986 VK EFI= Holden pushrod 3 3 engine with Bosch L electronic. Seems a bit weird, no extra wires hanging off the battery terminals that have been left disconnected? I've heard of starter motors causing interference with crank angle signals before but surely if it keeps running, even briefly, after the starter has deactivated that wouldnt be the problem? What actually went wrong witth the old starter?

gph1961, Sep 13, 6:02pm

kjmc, Sep 13, 6:21pm
Old starter was shot, only engaging spasmodically as old ones do, it was going to cost more to get it fixed than get the recommended Bosch upgrade.
No wires appear unplugged, there's only two wires to connect and you can't get them wrong.
Will have to ask supplier for a clue

franc123, Sep 13, 6:30pm
I know it's a pain but refitting the old starter is going to be the easiest way to isolate where the problem might lie.

alowishes, Sep 13, 8:18pm
They had crank sensors back in ‘86?

bigfatmat1, Sep 13, 8:20pm
yes they been around a long time.

differentthings, Sep 13, 10:52pm
As above said. the last of the VK's (3.3 still) used a EST timing. The sensor is bolted to the back of the head and goes though a hole in the bellhousing. The converter (or is manual the flywheel) has 3 pick up points.

differentthings, Sep 13, 11:02pm
No. It's the last of the 3.3 motors. The VL had the Nissan motor

strobo, Sep 14, 12:00am
The only other thing you bump in that neck of the woods is ya head! I can only add there may be an earth cable off one of the bolts.

intrade, Sep 14, 6:07pm
yea and i havs the sensor and a ecu . the problem was the valve lifter where shot from the moron running it out of oil i did strip the engine down to find the problems non of the valves opened why that one not started 6 yilinder blacktop.

kingfisher21, Sep 14, 6:17pm
I wouldn't bet on it, would of had to disconnect the battery for starters, it's amazing what people will muck up doing the simplest jobs. IE as above, the crank position sensor.

cabrio1, Sep 14, 7:23pm
Old starter was shot, only engaging spasmodically

This can be a symptom of a bad ignition switch ?

franc123, Sep 14, 7:34pm
Or a dud relay. or a poor earth connection. or a big voltage drop to the ECU. or? I think theres more to this story somehow.

cattleshed, Nov 20, 11:14am
I am not sure I understand you. You say the starter motor works. Do you mean on the bench and or in the car? What is the condition of the ring gear in? Has that been checked?

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