Register mcycle as farm vehicle exempt Class B

leonv8, Dec 4, 11:57am
I use my 76 honda 350 motorcycle on my property mainly.
I do travel on the road for short distance 5 - 10 kms to get to beach for fishing etc. Not actually a farm vehicle
"being used solely for agricultural operations or for getting from one part of the farm to another".
Bike is in good condition but I live long way from WOF testing
Currently it is unregistered - does anyone use exempt Class B registration.
A friend was encouraging me to register it as a farm vehicle but I thought I'd check with tradeMe community what you think about this .

tygertung, Dec 4, 3:33pm
You are a sort of "farmer" are you? Like you have a smallholding and typically use the motorcycle on the smallholding. It is more of an agricultural vehicle than anything else?

gazzat22, Dec 4, 4:30pm
Doesnt any vehicle which is ridden or driven on the public road have to have WOF and Registration.?

tygertung, Dec 4, 4:57pm
Scooters require registration but not WOF. Under 50cc.

perfectimages, Dec 4, 5:18pm
Currently it is unregistered - does anyone use exempt Class B registration.
A friend was encouraging me to register it as a farm vehicle but I thought I'd check with tradeMe community what you think about this . [/quote]

Caught unregistered on the road will definitely get you a ticket but Class B
you MAY get away with it. (NOT that I am encouraging breaking the law)

s_nz, Dec 4, 5:25pm

Doesn't sound like any of the categories fit, and even if they do, you still would't be allowed to take the bike fishing. As such, why bother? you would still get fined if you get caught with your bike on a fishing trip. Either get the bike properly road legal, or be prepared to wear a $400 fine for No WOF & No Rego (and perhaps a walk home) if you get caught.

gpg58, Dec 4, 5:36pm
Looks like the rules have changed, as a few years ago you were allowed a quad on EA (or was it EB), which could be used to access a beach or river etc, with up to 3km of road travel, i had my quads registered back then.

Found this-
Transport (Vehicle Registration and
Licensing) Regulations 1994

part 2
Motor vehicles not exempted from
registration and licensing, but exempted
from registration and licensing fees

7 Any all terrain vehicle (within the meaning of regulation 2
of the Transport (Drivers Licensing) Regulations 1987) that
is used on a road that is a public highway—
(a) in moving from the owner’s place of residence to a road
that is not a public highway, where the distance travelled
does not exceed 3 kilometres; or
(b) in connection with the inspection, servicing, or repair
of the vehicle.
The vehicles described in this clause may be referred to as
Class EA vehicles for the purposes of registration and licensing under the Act

But must now be out of date unfortunately.

poppy62, Dec 4, 7:15pm
The costs of the fine are 3 X the normal fees if a "Farm' registered vehicle is caught using a public road. This was the reason I ended up going for a WOF and Rego for my previously "Farm" registered Ute.

mrcat1, Dec 4, 7:32pm
NO, Or RUC either.

mrcat1, Dec 4, 7:35pm
The idea of having a vehicle registered was so it could be used on a road, from memory it was 20km from home farm.

skiff1, Dec 4, 8:31pm
21 km round trip for EB, (tractors, harvesters etc) and 6km round trip for EA, (quads, less than 1000 kg GVM)

skiff1, Dec 4, 8:32pm
Only for work related to farm, delivering produce, moving farm gear, picking up supplies etc, or to and from fuel, service or repair.

desmodave, Dec 5, 1:57am
As far as i know you will still need a fresh wof to change classes .

gazzat22, Dec 5, 9:56am
According to the post its a 350, not a scooter !

gazzat22, Dec 5, 9:58am
A diesel motorcycle.!

tygertung, Dec 5, 1:28pm
That's right, but I was responding to the previous post that all vehicles used on the road needed a WOF.

tygertung, Dec 5, 1:29pm
Not required for bicycles, skateboards, kick scooters etc. All of those are vehicles, but human powered.

mrcat1, Dec 5, 5:53pm
Class EA I think it is doesnt pay RUC.

gazzat22, Dec 6, 10:00am
If thats your opinion try riding a skateboard/Bike/kick scooter or similar on a motorway or something like the Auckland Harbour Bridge !

tygertung, Dec 6, 12:39pm
Yes, but there is a bylaw for certain motorways and bridges prohibiting skateboard/Bike/kick scooter or similar.

gazzat22, Dec 6, 2:28pm
Got a list of them where those are permitted. ? Which motorways.?

yz490, Dec 6, 4:50pm
First thing that got me going 'is' a 1976 Honda 350. what is it?, an XL350 like below. Regardless it sounds too valuable to go near the beach, great old bikes in their day. Also Rego is cheap as past 40 years old. Only thing 'is' if rego is lapsed then probably expensive first time around. Love to see a photo of it please, just for old time sake. Unless its a 350 'twin', but think in "76 they became a 360 twin. With farm type registration i think there's a speed limit too which is not much more than a slow gallop.

brouser3, Oct 13, 12:10pm
Didn't somebody ring saying that saw a beast on the road heading for the beach and wondered if it were yours? Apart from being a road safety issue, the thought of a bovine leaving excrement on a foreshore is an absolute enviromental disaster. Of course you need to check it personally .

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