Cheapest Vehicle Transportation CH - AKL

calebjames14, Sep 15, 3:25am
Wondering what’s the cheapest company I can use to get it up. Don’t want to drive it up cause I don’t want to put Ks up on the car.

kazbanz, Sep 15, 9:20am
No matter how one dothbputter the parsnips it isn't "cheap"
I would expect $1200 or thereabouts.
Driving it up will cost you about $300 on the ferry. Fuel costs -Normal car is one tank south island one tank north island. I work on $300 fuel and one nights stay in a motel somewhere unless you start pre dawn. so roughly $800 plus transport costs back

likit, Nov 19, 10:09pm
Drive it, you can’t enjoy it just looking at it.
Cheap airfares now too.

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