Classic vehicle values

tom-tk, Jan 6, 8:37pm
Can anyone recommend where to go to get a classic car valued.

I've got an Ford XA v8 4 door Fairmont in the garage that isn't getting any use, and would like to know its approx value for both insurance and possible sale.

I'm aware it depends on condition, and only what a buyer is prepared to pay. But help getting a ball park figure would be great. The vehicle is in Hawkes Bay.


spead, Jan 6, 8:52pm
a classic car club

msigg, Jan 6, 9:37pm
As above, ford car club, internet listings, classic car club, Auto dealers selling classic cars, there's one in Christchurch sell a few. Google is your friend.

monaro17, Jan 6, 10:16pm
No need, I’ll give you what you paid for it plus $1000. Purely out of the goodness of my heart

tom-tk, Jan 6, 10:19pm
Mighty generous of you. Got given it my my grandfather in 1996 when I was 17. So I'll send my bank account details thru for the $1,000

gph1961, Jan 7, 6:35am
bless you

monaro17, Jan 7, 9:32am
Sounds perfect.

Condition/kms dependant you could be anywhere from 25 through to 70k in my opinion. But with classic cars in particular skyrocketing at the moment it could easily go more, anyone’s guess

sw20, Jan 7, 11:28am
There was a base grandad spec six cylinder XY that sold on TM for over $65k last year.

sw20, Jan 7, 12:18pm
Cashed up GenXers that have a soft spot for the car they learned to drive on the farm in.

alowishes, Jan 7, 1:01pm
Their comparative rarity ( in good condition) dictates their value it seems.
And they are no longer ‘ordinary’.

gph1961, Jan 7, 1:19pm
those that dont want a toyata/rainger

likit, Jan 7, 2:22pm
NZ Vehicle Valuations, my son & I had our vehicles assessed by them, very happy with the service.

tom-tk, Jan 7, 2:29pm
Thanks for the recommendation.
Its an interesting decision to have to make. keep it and do it up or sell it. Used it as a daily run about until about 2007, but don't have much use for it. Car is essentially original and garaged for all but about 4 years. In an ideal world I'd give it a full rebuild, with sandblast and paint. New carpet upholstery. And rebuild the engine. But dreams are cheaper.

bellbird01, Jan 7, 2:48pm
There is a lot of hyperbole around for "classic" car values. Difficult to find a deal where the buyer is not sucked into the hype and thinks its mega bux, when the harsh reality dictates that its not. Gone are the days when willing seller meets willing seller = Result! Moreso here on Trade Me, cars for sale. Its become quite a vicious place to sell, or buy a car for that matter. Best avoided.

likit, Jan 7, 3:07pm
I was in similar situation 10 years ago, it was going to cost me a fortune to do up the way I wanted, decided to sell & purchased a more modern classic.

msigg, Oct 1, 1:05pm
Tom_tk if you have your house all paid for, want a toy and join a car club, then keep it. If your short of cash, sell it, the money will be better invested in a house or good shares, you can never use it as an everyday car. So wealthy keep it, struggling sell it. Each to their own.

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